Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wonky All Over

Moooaaaannnnn. That's supposed to be that whiny moany sound that everyone makes when they have a nasty cold. Because I have one. It snuck up on me from nowhere and my entire face hurts and leaks. Sorry, that's gross. Plus the coughing. It's fun. And I sound nice and wheezy like Ray Charles when I laugh. And the worst part is - I have no appetite. Woe is certainly me, my dears.

The theme for this month's quilt blocks is wonky. We're a match made in heaven. Sort of. As it so happens, I try really hard to make my quilt blocks nice and straight. They just prefer to be crooked. So when I try to make them wonky they look a little too even. I had to start over and make really drastic angles to get the right level of wonk.

The block itself was fairly simple. It was squares-in-squares log cabin style blocks. It was slightly difficult to do in the red and white (the busy-ness of the prints and all that), and my placement could be a bit better, but overall I'm pretty satisfied with this one. I used strictly scraps, so some of the logs don't match - it just adds to the wonk. I held it up to show my mom and she said "Oh, it's crooked!" To which I replied "Thank heavens!!"

It's a total brain shift to sew this way on purpose. I'm actually very curious this month to see what else I get to sew crooked.

I've got so many projects going on right now my head might start spinning. I've got my ripple afghan, and the blankie I started for my nephew (not the Z-man - the one my sister is going to have. She found out, and it is certainly, without a doubt, 200% a lad). I'm really liking the way it's working up but I have to keep it secret for a bit. I've got a handbag order, plus a few diaper bag orders. I stopped taking orders for diaper bags, but I keep getting so many requests and I hate saying no so I'm at it again. I've got those quilted table runners still under the needle, and the springtime runner I'm making for my mom. That may or may not be it, but it's enough to even just think about and feel overwhelmed. Especially when my head already feels ready to pop.

So that's that. Next up? The latest handbag I made for a charity beef and beer fundraiser. I really wanted to keep this one :)

Happy Friday!


  1. The block looks great!

    I feel your pain with the hurting face, but leaking? It kinda made me snort out my coffee, sorry your feeling so crabby, hope your cold passes soon.

  2. Ugh, I'm going to moan right along there with you, I woke up this morning, after a bit of a scratchy throat yesterday, to tonsils the size of golf balls (well, it feels that way o.O )

    Yay for embracing the wonk, it's certainly a lot more forgiving that those finicky HSTs ;o)

    Good luck with your order list...

  3. Like that pattern. The odd shapes make it interesting.

  4. love that style. some of mine look like that but it not on purpose.

  5. Just found your blog and happy I did. I will be coming back alot I put your link on my blog.



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