Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Baby Shower

This past weekend we had the baby shower for my sissie Rachel. The only thing she requested (because I told her to shut it and stop being a control freak before she could name a bunch of other stuff) was that it not be a restaurant shower. There's something to be said for not worrying about food prep and seating, etc., but there's a bit more to be said for being able to linger as long as you'd like afterwards and not having to worry about fitting all the gifts into your car lickety-split.

We kept everything pretty simple. Our Easter decorations are up, so there was plenty of soft pretty colors around. Most of the shower decorations were things that we found at craft and party stores. I insisted that we make giant tissue paper flower ball thingees. Then I insisted that we not use them because I apparently underestimated the amount of skill needed to accordion-fold tissue paper and fluff it up. Everyone patronized me quite nicely, and if you didn't look too closely they looked alright....

The yellow one is ok (and there's another at the other side of this window that's not in the pic). The green one was fine too, but in this picture I think I had just smashed my hand into the center trying to get it to stick better. I climbed back up and fluffed it afterwards, but I'd understand if you thought this was how it really looked. Other sissie Alicia did up the banister in crepe streamers and topped off the newel post with a giant multi-colored flower. I didn't take a picture. It was really warm, and I was sweating, and I couldn't be bothered. Because when I get hot I get mean and disinterested. True story.

On to the favors. We've all been to showers before where you end up with something really cute, or that took a lot of work, but is completely useless. For the money that you put out for these things we wanted them to be cute and have the possibility of functionality. So we went with these:

These jars are perfect for holding weensy bits like buttons or safety pins or beads or what have you. And Easter M&Ms are the perfect colors for a baby shower. The chocolates are all gone now. OK, they were all gone by Monday, I think.

Isn't that a sweet looking cake? It's a chocolate chip pound cake from a good old-fashioned bakery. It even tasted excellent the next night with an ice cold glass of milk.

Sticky buns and cream puffs on the bottom. Yum and yum. And yum. Yum. I had two of each. On the top is something called "high hats." I called them gnome hats. There's cake and cream on the inside, covered in chocolate. I lost track of the yums. I should really be ashamed of myself. I'm not, though. In case you were wondering.

This was a baby carriage fruit tray with a fruit baby. The baby head kind of creeped me out at first. But the fresh fruit and the fruit dip were quite delish. I could honestly just sit all day and scoop fruit dip into my mouth.

I only have a few shots of my sister, because my other sister had my camera to take photos and it was almost as though she was waiting for her to have a weird look on her face to snap. So I'm only showing you the photos that won't get me a phone call that starts "Um, you better take those down!"

There was not much of a chance of her being surprised beyond this point, because about a half dozen of us were standing there just inside the door with cameras aimed at it. I don't think people should scream and scare very pregnant ladies anyway...I always thought that was weird.

I hope you appreciate that blurry photo. Look at that bump! She's all in front, though. They say that's how it is when you carry a boy. We made her wear a "Mommy To Be" sash too. Just in case there was anyone who wasn't sure.

My grandma crocheted this blanket for her. It's a soft blue that photographed white. I'm just past halfway done with mine. I'm knitting it, though. That's my excuse on why I'm only halfway. Grandma made each of her grandkids a huuuuuuge bed-sized afghan using this stitch years ago. The next time we go for a visit I'm going to ask for a lesson, and then I'll share with you :)

And the obligatory paper plate and ribbon hat picture. It took two plates to make that monstrosity.

That's all I was able to manage. We were so busy all weekend getting ready and cleaning and prepping some of the food and decorating and moving furniture that I didn't get the photos I was hoping to. She loved it and was happy, so that's all that matters.

Wanna know who wasn't happy?

This guy would have been absolutely bonkers with all the people, so he had to go lay sod at my brother's house with the guys. Hehehe. I'll admit it--I like to think my dog is a person.

I'm not sure where the time went between when I clicked 'write new post' and now, but I must trot to bed to be ready for my last workday before a nice long weekend. See you soon!


  1. Beautiful shower, given with love. Your sister looks radiant!!!
    XO Kris

  2. Uh, yeah, the fruit baby freaks me out too! But the rest looks like fun (I'm not even going to ask about the paper plate hat, you guys have weird arse baby showers!)

  3. We don't have baby showers. We also hide our pregnancies until after the first trimester. But on baby's 1st month, we hold a celebration. That's when we get cash or gifts. In return we give cakes. The older folks usually give jewelry like gold stuff. I did not have a party for my kids' first month. All I did was deliver the cakes.



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