Sunday, April 29, 2012

Do the Wave

I haven't made a wavy top tote since last year's sew-along (for all the info see the Sew-Alongs tab at the top). I had to follow my own tutorial for measurements and seam allowances it's been so long. I've never made one in plain black and white before, and I really like the way this one came out. I am madly in love with color and don't know if I could carry a black and white bag every day, but I really like the classic look of it. The request was for "no external pockets" so it went together so much more quickly--I don't know why but that outside pocket slows down the process something fierce.

Joann's seems to have discontinued the reverse of this print, but has maintained every other colorway. That bugs me. Especially because it made it really hard for me to find a good black and white floral a few months ago. Anyway, I like how this bag goes together pretty quickly but still looks a bit fancy because of the shiny pieces. One of the things I will never ever ever enjoy doing is putting in purse feet (unless I was stranded on a deserted island for years and was so happy to be home that any sewing-related task would be welcomed with glee).

I promise you that one day I will remember to brush off the lint before I photograph a bag :) I use a rigid bottom in this bag, and it makes holding everything in place kind of fiddly when you're placing the feet because you're working in a small area. I just realized how dumb I am - I should just turn the stinkin' bag inside out when I put in the feet. Better late than never, I suppose.

I'm really glad Joann's started carrying a limited selection of purse goods in different metallic finishes - I can get much more substantial rings in different shapes for cheaper than a package of regular d-rings. I wish they'd start carrying an assortment of non-sew-in purse frames, but I won't hold my breath for that one. I don't mind ordering off the internet, it's just that shipping sure does stack up for metal bits.

This was my final custom order for now, which is fine by me. I enjoy the extra dough, but the other projects have been piling up. I've got 6 cushions cut and ready to sew for the wicker sofa thingee on the porch. Plus I picked up some fun fabrics for a bit of patchwork play that my creative side needs to get to before it shrivels up with all the monotony I've been feeling lately.

I'm off to squeeze in some TV before I head to bed. I get to start my Monday with a meeting. Try not to be jealous of me.

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  1. Great tote. I'm off to take a look at the tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You really do fantastic work Bethany! Don't all asleep in the meeting!

  3. Oh, I really like this bags. I have some bags cut out right before me... and I've run out of interface! Whaaa! (Public holiday here tooday with all the shops closed). How frustrating!! Can't wait what you're gonna be making next.

  4. What a beautiful bag, such a lovely design. Did you design it yourself?

  5. I'm always seriously impressed by your bags and other things you sew. They're seriously great and look so professional. The black and white flower fabric looks great and rather elegant. Hope you had a good meeting this morning ;-) Have a great week xo

  6. Yay for knocking off the 'must do' list, enjoy your 'for me' list :o)

  7. Beautiful bag!! I love the fabric. Stopping by from Creative Itch's linky party and a follower.

    Here is what I shared this week:

  8. Very pretty tote! I am visiting you via the linky party at Somewhat Simple. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  9. I love that the tote has purse feet! so pretty! thanks for sharing, girl. have a fab weekend!




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