Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Need an Apple (Core) Martini

Oh my. I am plumb tuckered. Wow. Like seriously. I made an apple core block, and it did me in for sure. Now, I have this die for my GoBaby, but I felt like it would be cheating since everyone else in the quilt along was doing it the whole cut-with-scissors way, and I thought it would be nice to try a different method. If I could hit rewind I would totally cheat.

First, there was no way to cut these with a rotary cutter (for me, anyway--I'm sure a way exists but not in this house at this time). That means scissors and pins. And you guys know what happens when I have to cut a lot of the same thing with two are the same. I was super careful this time, and for the most part everything went well. It was just SUCH tedious sewing. I don't think the curve on my die is quite so tight, but at least the dies have built-in notches so the frustration of lining things up yourself is gone. I'm hoping the sailing with that is a little smoother...when I eventually get around to it. ANYway, here's the block I made this evening:

I can't decide if that center core is cut crooked or sewn crooked. I don't care that much, it just visually bugs me. I was verrry slow and careful and pin-happy with this, so everything lined up swell, for the most part:

I did have one issue that I just couldn't get rid of, no matter how many times I clipped the curves or how much starch I used--the cherry fabric wasn't sewn puckered, but it ironed up that way. Grrrrr...... it's a little bit thinner than the other fabrics I used, so I'm guessing that's where the problem is.

Both cherry blocks were like that, but none of the others. There was no way I was cutting more apple cores and unpicking and restitching, so those puckery bits are there to stay. I do like how the red border frames it all. I thought it was going to annoy me to have to sew that on, but it finishes it off nicely.

This was one of those blocks that had me with my shoulders unknowingly hunched up around my ears while I was holding my breath. I do love the look of the apple cores, though, so I will definitely be making a quilt out of them (the cheating way, of course).

TTYL :)  And happy Friday--it's finally heeeeerrrreeee!!!!!


  1. Man, those look hard to sew!!! Looks good though!!

  2. Allow me to chuckle a bit... hehehehehe. Ok done. I think that the block looks perfectly FINE! Oh and the puckering will probably quilt out and if it doesn't it will not be noticed once you wash the quilt and it goes a bit wrinkled. But I understand it annoys the hell out of you at the moment. I think this quilt will look so good when it is done, I just love red and white together.

  3. Oh I hate those shoulder hunching blocks, and you never realise until after the fact when you discover them up round your ears...

    Sure the puckers will quilt out (or you'll not notice after it's washed and crinkled up :oD )

  4. I've never made an apple core block. Not even sure what the cheating way is. I've had problems with fabric that wrinkles even tho' it's not linen and I've since discovered that the poorer quality cottons (not 100% cotton) are to blame. Not sure if that's what's happening with yours.

  5. I agree with the Katy and Maria that folks won't notice any puckers when you put it all together and quilt it out. Make lots of quilting in that area!
    There's a reason why they make a die for the apple core shape!!

    I really enjoy your blog !




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