Friday, April 27, 2012

Some things must be blogged immediately....

You know how when you get something, no matter how silly it may seem, you feel the need to let the world know instantly? My new shoes got delivered today. I have been stalking that tracking number all week, and they're here - they're here - they're here!!!!!!!

I do love me some comfy shoes that are incredibly me in every way, no matter how many groans I may get. It's why I have green flats and blue suede's a little thing but it can make you a wee bit glad when you catch a glimpse of your feet.

I've been sporting these delicious gray shoes all winter:

They're amazingly cozy and comfy, and there must be a decent bit of support somewhere because they don't make my ankles ache. Plus they're lined with a wooly looking fabric, so they're soooo warm. But winter is over, spring is here, and new shoe fashions are in order. I showed you my rockin' Dr. Scholls' the other day, but THESE came in the mail today.

I tried them on, traipsed around, and immediately snapped a few photos. They're the most wonderful dotty satiny beribboned creations ever. EVER. I cannot WAIT to wear them.

I must now go eat pizza. Later taters!


  1. OK, I MUST know-----WHAT BRAND ARE THEY AND WHERE DID YOU ORDER THOSE PERFECT SHOES FROM????? Oh, please, oh PA-LEASE, tell me :) I have been wanting some red shoes, and these are the best ever :)!!! Thanks!!

  2. Oooh, I like the polka dot ones. I envy women who can wear covered shoes. My feet come in 2 sizes. I forget which one is a tiny bit longer. So if I wear covered shoes, they have to be laced up.

  3. Dots and bows.... instant happiness!!



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