Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scatterbrained in Red and White

This was a bit of a surreal week, so I'm not even going to try to write a coherent post. Sorry. Click away if you must, but stick around if you like random wordiness. It shall abound within this post today.

On Monday I had a stupid day at work. Nothing specific, just one of those days that leaves you all grrrr. So Charlie, in his nice clean white state, decided to find a nice dirty place to roll around in. I must confess--I love when he does this. He reminds me of a little boy who has a good day outside--

I don't know why but no matter what I can never capture how dirty he really gets when he does this. He then assumed his usual position under the kitchen table. Seriously--how does he do that? It looks so uncomfortable!

On Tuesday I sewed up my next quilt block--a feathered star. I was so precise but made kind of a mess out of it--it's not terrible. Just a little pleaty. I was thinking it would be great if there was a paper-piecing option. The next day (I kid you not!) we were informed someone had come up with a PP option. I toyed with the idea of redoing it, just so I could switch the checks and dots, but decided that if too many of the blocks come out perfect it's really just too much pressure on all the other blocks, so I'm letting it be ;)  However...I may just be overcome by the need for a good thinking sew and make it anyway.

On Wednesday one of the guys I work with decided to open a can of these and have at them. I think he did it for the shock value--we are decidedly yanks in my workplace, and this is a decidedly southern snack (their favorite, according to the label).

They look like peanuts sitting in muddy water. The shells are very soft and split right open, and the nut has almost a chickeny consistency (due to the good long soak). I tried one in the spirit of adventurousness (and also the spirit of peer pressure) and decided they are what evil tastes like. I'm not a fan of briny things--pickles, sauerkraut, etc.--and the "muddy water" was some kind of brine. My co-worker then proceeded to gross me out the rest of the day by slurping and gurgling and making a mess out of them and acting like he was having dinner in that nasty scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where they eat monkey brains and bugs. Sorry, that's gross, I know. But I must have been in that inexplicably squeamish frame of mind for this to bug the hell of me. I apologize if I offended anyone who finds these delectable. I'm sure that, freshly made, they can be quite good. I'm not in a hurry to find out, though.

Today I took the afternoon off to go and visit the newest addition to the clan. My sister Rachel finally popped and introduced little Aiden James to the world. I'm trying to figure out how I can steal him without either her or the authorities figuring anything out.

He's made of sweetness, and is just so stinkin' cute! He kept us waiting, so we know he definitely belongs to his parents (Hi, guys!! Hehehe--just, I'm not). I kept hoping he'd somehow ESP me whether he's going to like Legos or trains so I'd know if I need yarn or fabric for projects I've been a-thinkin' on, but he probably figured it best to not spill it all to the crazy auntie the first time you meet her.

Tonight was one of those nights where you feel that sweet treats will really make your day feel better. I declared this to Zach, who whipped us both up some chocolate milk. He took the powder, leaving me with the syrup (I prefer the former). BUT he paired the Hershey's syrup with a random Hershey's cup we had (knowing it would amuse me, he said), and put a lid on it. So I wouldn't spill it. Because I guess I do that. But I don't. I adore that kid.

And I'm not sure if this means I will have truly lost it or if it is a very good decision considering how much I read, but after eleventy-million years I broke down and bought a Kindle. Just the regular reader--all the stuff you can do on the Fire I can do on my phone so I didn't feel the need. You would think that Amazon would have appreciated the conversion of a long-time hold-out and practically ran that thing to my house, but they haven't even shipped it yet.

I'm off to have a good intense nightie-night. I am absolutely exhausted this week. Hopefully I'll see you Sunday for my next tote tut. Hopefully on your part--I'll be here :)

Happy Friday! And--hahaha---Zach is sleeping over tonight and just gave my sister a heart attack by lying in wait to scare her as she came out of the bathroom. I wonder where he gets those antics from :)


  1. Love this post! Cutie pie baby (and dog)...I'm from the south and I've never seen peanuts like that before...Yuck!


  2. Very cute baby.

    By the way the Kindle is incredibly dangerous to your bank account. You get instant gratification and when you see a book you want to read you - you have to have NOW! Of course, sometimes you forget it isn't free - ooops!

  3. I'm always happy to read your posts no matter what they are. LOLLL Love Charlie, Aiden James is so cute and your block is perfect as for the nuts I'll pass. LOLLL. Hope next week is better.

  4. I absolutely LOVE boiled peanuts! Actually have a can just like that in our pantry! Now you have me in the mood! :o)

  5. I used to have a dog and it loved to sleep under the table where no one notices him and is bound to accidentally kick him. Yet he goes there every single time he wants a nap. The baby is cute! He also looks so aware. Btw, CANNED boiled peanuts in brine or whatever is just gross. I almost bought a kindle once. Hubs asked me if I would get used to not feeling paper. So I backed out.

  6. That was definitely a random week! I had kind of a weird one too, must be because it was midsummer...

  7. Aawwww, new baby I can almost smell him from here, he's a beauty!
    The kindle is a great little toy you are sure to love it, I wouldn't be without mine now.
    p.s. have I told you lately how much I love that block, oh I have, well I'm telling you again :0) xx

  8. Bet, as the father of the absolutely adorable boy-genius who so adorns your blog, I must say: Me? Keep someone waiting?!? What could be better than the anticipation of waiting for moi?!!?! ...that flurry in your stomach...the tingle in your toes... well, that's how i imagine it anyways... Oh and as for your post...due to the fact that he's kept me up for FOUR days now you may be able to make me an offer i would consider, yes he *IS* made of sweetness (the doctors were concerned but we assured them it's normal for our clan...), ESP lessons don't start till July (but I'm thinking trains crafted from LEGOs..), and must I remind you that he thinks the crazy aunt is my brother mike (I think it was because he came wearing that crazy dress...i warned him...) so no worries...and you know you needed that lid Bet... ;)



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