Friday, June 8, 2012


I just decided I'm doing this. I ran errands all morning, and quite enjoyed doing it--it's a beautiful day, I put the sunroof back, cranked up some tunes, and motored around for a few hours. On the way home from my last stop I decided I was going to do a series of 4 easy-peasy bag tutorials. I know--the odd things that pop into my mind. I wasn't even thinking of bags at the time. I think I was thinking about cake. It makes me think of this movie quote: "Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear." You get extra points if you know the flick :)  The points aren't redeemable for anything, and are pretty much imaginary, but if you're feeling down you can always think "Hey! I DO have those points!" Fun fact: I just used the word think five times in this paragraph. Now it's six.

OK, anyway....totetorials. I sometimes forget that there are newbie sewers out there who haven't developed that wonderful sewing confidence that makes you want to try anything. But a quick way to build that confidence is to sew up a few easy, nice-looking projects that give you new skills that aren't too painful to learn. So that's what I'm going to do. It's summer. People will be on the move. And when people are on the move they like to take stuff--books, snacks, etc. I usually focus on more complicated bags (because I get orders for those) but I really enjoy sewing something fast and easy. It makes me feel smug.

So here's what I'm thinking. This weekend I am going to show you how to make this insanely easy tote. Next weekend it'll be a tote using one yard of fabric for the outside, the lining, and the straps. It's completely monotone, in a manner of speaking, but ends up pretty cute! The next two weekends will be two different drawstring bags--the traditional kind, and the kind that I call a ditty-bag where you can wear it as a backpack. Kids like to tote their stuff too, so these would be good for whipping up a few secure little bags so they can lug their own bits around.

I'm very excited--easy sewing, useful stuff, just in time for summer. I must go line up my fabrics for each one. That's my favorite part!!!!! OH! And each of these should use no more than a yard of fabric, total. It can be all one fabric, or as many as you want to throw in, but we shouldn't need more than a total yard for any of them.

I hope to see you soon for our first totetorial!  I'm leaving you with this picture--I've had it on my laptop for years now and it still makes me grin when I see it :)


  1. Yay! Double Yay! Triple Yay!! So happy you are doing these totetorials, you made my day. :)
    P.S. Had no idea what movie that was from so Googled it - never heard of that movie!
    P.P.S. Love that picture!

  2. Made me grin too. Love the visual of you tooling around with Sir Miles, sunroof open, tunes loud, you singing along...(I added that) and loving your day!

  3. Hee hee, love the pic! I keep reading that as toetorials though, so I'm afraid I may be imagining you giving us pedicures each week while this is going on... (damn dyslexia!)

  4. Can't wait to see how to make those nifty gussets!

  5. Ooh! It's Empire Records right?! I LOVED that movie in high school and have probably watched it 500 times. I can still quote most of the movie :) do I get the points!?

  6. Love your picture and am so looking forward to the tutorials. It's nice to do easy things after difficult ones.



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