Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby Cakes

If you were to find yourelf on our porch on recent Sundays, you would have been witness to quite the number of odd phrases, such as:
  • Oooooooooo, who's a cutie wootie pootie tootie? and
  • Aiden....Aiden...Aiden...Aiden....pbltpbltpbltpblt (that's what raspberries look like when you spell them out), and
  • I'm gonna eat that little butt!!
  • I see somebody's tummy eye! (which is a belly button...don't ask. We're weird, we know it, and we're proud. At this point my mother/sisters/whoever is going "No, Bee, YOU'RE weird").
  • Wook at those wittle frog legs!
And so on and so forth. Yes, my friends, there is frequently a baby in the house as my sister comes over quite a bit with the little scooch and sits back while we fight over him. No lie--sometimes she has to intervene and I swear she's THIS close to putting us all in corners for a time out.

This little bundle of gurgles and coos is eight weeks old. Eight weeks!!! I can't believe it's been that long since I posted this. Blogging gives you a very good indication of how quickly time really does fly.

So I'm going to shush and show you some pics I took the other day while we were porch-sitting. Nothing fancy at all. No props, no shoving a baby in an overized wine glass, no touch-ups. Just a little face that makes me smile whenever I think of him. True story. However, if you'd like to see Aiden in a wine glass check out the comments...

See that duck on his shirt? He's got a butt duck too.

Do you think that's a duck or a chick? All I know is it's covering a sweet little tushy!

This little guy is so incredibly sweet. He gets a little fussy when he's hungry or messed, but is usually so mild-tempered and easily calmed. I could honestly just stare and stare at him all day. His little faces, his little scrunchy nose when he sneezes, his wee windmilling arms and legs like he's trying so hard to get somewhere and can't figure out why he's not getting far. I don't know how Rachel gets a thing done around the house. I would be all "Screw the laundry! I must gaze!"

And he will just stare back at you and "talk" and "talk." It is so incredibly sweet. We try to think of what he's trying to say, and it's usually "Look at these idiots sitting around and watching me poop." He loves to just lay on his back on a quilt and just look all around. Not that there's much to see but a bunch of our mugs hovering. Once Zach came into the kitchen when we were all being so enraptured and said "I bet if I laid on the kitchen table and pooped I'd get in trouble." Love that kid. It's always nice to have two loves in your life, eh?

My mom snuck a picture of me holding him on the porch swing. For once I don't look demented or wonky or under the influence of illegal substances.

I suppose you could say I'm drunk on love. Yes...indeed.


  1. He's just adorable Beth!!!oh my god his eyes!!!! I agree with you screw everything just stare at him:D

  2. What a beautiful baby, and what a gorgeous photo of you loving on him!!!!
    XO Kris

  3. I'm sorry, did someone request a picture of my baby in an over sized wine glass?...One sec... (various banging sounds, "Hold still!", sounds of carpentry, jackhammers, garden hoses...) Ok, your wish is my command. :)
    Let's see how good my HTML memory is...

    ...and in case my coding skills are gone...
    cut'n'paste. :)

  4. Well really, *everyone* needs a baby in a wineglass photo, you know, to go with the wedding day one... ;o)

  5. He's adorable. You look pretty good yourself. LOLL

  6. He's the cutest! And you look adorable, too. When do you ever look demented? You silly lady. Also, laughing very hard at what Zach said. :D



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