Sunday, November 18, 2012


I've finished up a few things this week that I'm happy to have done. They're the kinds of things that don't take much time to do, and perhaps that''s why they keep getting put off--because they won't take long and I can just whip them up and blah blah blah.

First up--I finished up the wristlet to go with my mom's handbag. Since I had chopped up a charm pack into equal sized scraps it was easy to piece together the front and back and do some light quiting (it's not misshapen--she's already filled it).

That's the back. That floral print just left of dead center is my favorite in this whole collection. I think I might stock up on some just to have on hand as it's such a versatile fabric.

On the front I added a little yo-yo made from the same fabric as the lining (which is the same gray as I used for the lining in the bag). The button is much more off-white than the picture shows, for some reason.

Didn't it turn out cute? I love it. And now she's all matchy-matchy.

Next up I finished my scarf I had started last week. I was looking for a project that was different from what I usually do, but was still going to be fairly quick and easy. I made one of those ruffle scarves that seem to be quite popular lately. Different to make, but kind of fun once you get the hang of it. And the effect is pretty dang cool.

I made it Sunday afternoon. And then it sat in the pile waiting for the ends to be hidden. I didn't know how to hide them so I tied a few knots and buried them in the ruffles.

The yarn itself is this meshy open stuff--you stick your needle through the mesh instead of wrapping it in the traditional way. Weird to get started but easy once you get going.

Nifty, eh? It looks delicate but feels thick and sturdy. I love the poof to it.

I don't know when I'll wear it as it's a bit dressy looking and I made it to go with my dressier coat (and I'm not a dressy person who goes dressy places)...but it was fun to make. Maybe I'll wear it to work since they frequently try to freeze me to death (honestly--I have fingerless gloves and a space heater by my desk and sometimes that's not even enough).

Then I finished a few things to add to the shop. Don't forget--you have until Thursday to have half of your total go to fundraising efforts (see the note just under my header for details). Thank you to those of you who have purchased items--you have no idea how much I appreciate it!

First I made a pile of pot scrubbies. These are the first things that I learned to crochet.

You can find the listing and the whole description here--these would make a cute Christmas gift, hint hint.

And then I made these quilted coasters. I bought the fabric out of love but had no idea what to do with it. I googled the fabric name (Merry Main Street by Alexander Henry) and found the idea at Gwenny Penny's blog. I made two sets and then got bored.

The best part is how some of them look like photo bombs. You can find the listings here and here (they're two separate listings as they're two subtly different sets).

So that's that. I'd say it was a productive weekend, wouldn't you? Now I must go play with a baby that came to visit :)


  1. Love the purse Bethany - bet your Mum is thrilled with that and the bag. Wish I could sew - however I can knit and have made a few of the ruffle scarves too. Pleased I'm not the only one who ties the ends in knots and hides them LOL

  2. Looks great!!! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Well, aren't you little miss productive? :) LOVE the scarf!

  4. You have been as busy as me!! I have made several of those ruffly scarves too. Fun, and very different to knit.
    I also make scrubbies and love them. I keep them in the kitchen, and then I put our bar of soap in the shower on one too. So fun, and yes, great gifts.
    You were a busy girl!!
    xo Kris

  5. How fun! I love the little pot scrubbies. I'm betting that having those cheerful colors around would make scrubbing much less tedious.
    And the scarf looks like fun to wear... although I'm not much of a scarf person. I feel weird with stuff around my neck. =)
    And the wristlet! And the coasters! I love it all. =)

  6. Seriously busy! Love that scarf, although, like you, I have no idea when I'd wear it... I also love that Christmas fabric, especially the photo bombs :oD



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