Thursday, November 22, 2012


It sounds so trite to say to someone "Be thankful for what you have." And oftentimes I hear people deride the holiday of Thanksgiving with "One should be thankful every day, not just one day a year." True. But it's lovely to have that one day of the year where we actually stop and consciously think of all that we have to be thankful for, instead of a cursory "Yeah, yeah, I know I'm lucky." And this is coming from someone who ranks TG as one of their least favorite holidays.

When I consider the year I've had (as well as those around me), I realize I have so much to be thankful for. I have my health, my family, my friends, hobbies that I enjoy, my job, enough food to put some extra pounds on even though the guy at our corporate health fair tells me to lose a few each year (yeah, I guess I showed him :) and people that make me happy when I think of them (i.e. you. Yuns. Youse guys. Y'all)

So I thank you for giving me a small chunk of your time to read my blathering. In a busy, crazy world that sometimes kicks your ass, it means a lot to head to my inbox and see the lovely things you've posted/emailed. So thank you for being you.

Now go tuck in that napkin, undo the button on your pants, and chow down.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Yeah, yeah, whatever... ;-D

    You have a very valid point - I do have to sometimes remind myself to be thankful for what I do have and I think a day like Thanksgiving is actually a nice tradition. However, tomorrow is "Black Friday" (right?) when everybody will rush out to buy even more, so I guess the sentiment of being thankful for what we already have doesn't really last for more than 24 hours... Cynical? Moi? ;-)

    Hope you have a lovely day with your family, big hug xo

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! It is good to have a day to focus on being thankful.

  3. Hope you're having a great day :o)

  4. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here in the UK but it always sounds like a lovely time to have with your family. Hope you had a good one.



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