Friday, November 23, 2012

Things You'll Want to Print (Maybe)

Good Friday morning to you! Are you among the throngs hitting the shops today for the best deals? Or are you all cozy at home, waiting for cyber Monday to roll around? I'm doing the latter. I don't do massive crowds, especially those that tend to trample, so I avoid the whole ordeal.

I've got just a few things to share today, a little bit repeatish, but if there's one thing I do well it's repeat myself. First, if you haven't started your shopping yet, or your kids haven't written their lists, I've got a printable I posted last year to share again. Simply click on the link below under the photo, set your print options to 'no scaling,' and print/cut apart. They work best on card stock (for sturdiness) but plain paper is fine too.

Click here to print

And secondly (also lastly)--do you remember these trees? I don't mean as remember existing at your grandma's house or something, but here on this wee blog?

Well I posted a template for you (after several pleas) in case you feel like sewing and stuffing a few this year (or any year). It's on the original post (towards the end) where you'll also find some brief directions on how to make them. Make sure your scaling is set to 'none' when you print, or your trees may come out a bit smaller. Which is no big deal--I want to make another of these in this pretty white fabric that I don't have a ton of so I'll need a smaller size.

And that's that! Must go eat leftovers. Have a good 'un!


  1. Happy Holiday?! What's wrong with 'Merry Christmas'?!?!?! ;-) I remember those little trees - still very impressed by them! Have a great weekend xo

  2. I remember those trees!
    No black Friday shopping for me! Ew! We headed on up to the cabin, and are relaxing in front of a roaring fire!!
    xo Kris

  3. Hi Bethany! Definitely want to make one of these in cute coordinating Christmas fabric. BTW I was drawn to your post called "ornamomentos" & enjoyed it tremendously! Really enjoy your blog, it's great! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season. :) Jackie

  4. Hope you had fun shopping today :o)



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