Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giveaway Winner!!!

'Allo! Whizzing by to let you all know the winner of the Fabric.com gift certificate. Because if I don't do it now I will surely forget. And I'll be sound asleep one night, and then I'll wake with a start and a hearty handclap to the forehead with a mid-night exclamation of "Oh no! The giveaway!" So without further ado--

Drum roll please. Ahem....drum roll?? Hello?  :)

I plugged some numbers into the random number generator and it violently spit a number back out at me. And that would be:

Which is Sandy, who commented:

Congratulations Sandy! I'll be emailing you shortly to firm up the details to get you your prize!

Thank you all so much for playing along--I really enjoyed your comments. They were truly feel-good reading material (and sometimes made me hungry :)  Have an excellent day!



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