Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Keepsake Quilting Giveaway - Fabric for "Life"

Perhaps I should not enter a free-fabric-for-life contest when I have (several times) made affirmations that I shall not acquire more fabric until I use up what I've been hoarding...erm...I I also probably shouldn't eat a lifetime supply of candy hearts in one sitting. But I suppose I should share how you can do the same (win the fabric, not eat the hearts, unless you like those hearts but you'll have to get your own as they're my favorite and I don't share).

ANYway, you can win 52 yards of fabric for twenty years (which, I guess, they're using the life span of some animal whose typical life span is twenty years or so to define 'for life') simply by entering here. If you don't win that grand prize, second place is a one-year supply of fabric. To be totally honest with you, if you click the link just above it gets me an extra entry. If you don't want that to happen but just want to enter the contest, click here instead. But act quick--entries are accepted only through the end of this month. If I win I super promise I'll share freely as I don't have the funds for a warehouse to store it all.

Good luck! 

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