Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I'll be an inexpensive wife one day (if I ever lose my mind and get married, that is)--I prefer books over diamonds, and cozy slippers over fancy heels. But I especially love things that are just so, even if they come from the dollar store or a thrift shop. I'm definitely about the thought and not about the dollars. I forgot to share some of these before, so I'm doing so now, right in the middle of this week of nothing-else-to-share, hahaha.

On the snowy Saturday I was plugging away at this bag (a tutorial is on my list, by the way), my sister was hiding out in her bedroom, making me this--

I was completely shocked as I was so wrapped up in what I was doing that the rest of the world could have fallen out of existence and I wouldn't have noticed until the last stitch was in my bag. I fully intended to share, but amid the Christmas craziness I just forgot. I especially love this because my hair does not get caught up in the chain at all, which it has a habit of doing. Red and white is my favorite combination, so this suits me just down to my toes.

While I don't wear a lot of jewelry, I do wear a necklace pretty much every day. Usually something fairly simple and plain. On Christmas morning I opened a gift from my mother  Santa Claus that I've been sporting most days since--

Wanna see it's cute little tummy?

We were out to dinner one night and I was holding the A-train. He points to it and says "Necklace." I said to him "Is that a bumble bee?" And he repeats that. Then he points to my dad and says "Bumble pop-pop!" and then "Bumble Leesha!" (for my sister Alicia). So it appears that having an aunt that he calls Bee has confused him a bit :)

And finally--I came home one day last week after having a...just...a week. One of those weeks that you hate. And on my sewing table was a cute little box with a note on it that said "Just a little something for teaching me to sew."

I do so very much love my tea, and this hangs at an angle to look like it's being poured. She had sent me this on Pinterest, I exclaimed how I loved it, and I ended up owning it. She shares pins all the time (and always asks if I saw them or liked them or whatever), so I didn't think for a second that she was feeling me out. And maybe she wasn't. But I do love it. So now I'm set for my grays and blacks days, and my browns and tans.

Did you ever get something that was just so perfectly you that you couldn't help grinning like a fool? What was it?

I'm hoping to have something to share with you soon that I've made. But altering pants isn't exactly photo-worthy, and my crochet project is a bit of a secret. But maybe I'll put a snippet on Instagram and you can see if you can figure it out what it's going to be. Later, taters!


  1. Ohhhh I thought you were married LOLLLL Love you necklaces.

  2. I hope you do the tutorial for the bag soon, because I need a messenger bag for my computer and that one is just about perfect.

  3. Aww, that's really nice!

    (PS. I have a husband who 'get's' it, repairs my bike without asking, buys me crazy coloured flowers instead of plain 'ol roses... so, they do exist... and those high maintainance wives should get a bloody grip!)

  4. Great necklace!I like it so much!

  5. Excellent pressies all round! I got out of the habit of wearing any jewellery other than plain hoop earrings when I rowed back at uni, because I was always having to remove it to train. Now I barely remember to add it even when I'm 'dressing up'. I'm going to be a dirt cheap wife ;o)



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