Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pictures I Didn't Take

We have had quite the snowy winter thus far. Not necessarily in total accumulations--we've had far...inchier...winters than this one. But we have had quite the number of storms, starting way back in early December. For the most part they haven't been terrible--a lot of the snow that fell was very light so it was easy to shovel and drive through. This past week, though, we had one of those wet heavy snowfalls that makes trees cringe and every muscle in a shoveler's body ache. Unfortunately, I had to go into work while everyone else was snuggled at home. And when I came out I had to dig my car out of my parking space as my wee little gumdrop sits too low to the ground to just move right on out.

When I got home my mother said "I used your camera, so that's where those pictures came from." She did exactly what I would have done--wandered around and took pictures of snow clinging to everything. And they're not half bad. Keep in mind--she was probably extremely nervous she was going to break my camera, and knows nothing of zoom and macro, so these are just basic photos that I cropped a little bit and that's it.

I've always loved this view of the backyard. The red shed, the water pump, the feathery trees that fortunately sprang back to vertical once the weight was off of them.

 For a few days after the storm everything was flocked in white. The trees looked like Christmas decorations and everything looked like that scene on Christmas morning in 'A Christmas Story' when Ralphie opens the window and everything is gloriously white. It was almost surreal, the way everything looked. Like it was right out of a fairy tale.

 See that flash of yellow just left of center? It was driving me crazy what that could be. It's a school crossing sign, just showing through the trees. This was the type of snow that was perfect for snowballs and snowmen, but I didn't see too many. 

Charlie adores the snow. He loves to rub his face in it, roll in it, prance through it like a gazelle. And he has more hair than Chewbacca so he stays nice and cozy. I guess he doesn't need a dog coat, for which I found a pattern when I was going through my pattern drawer the other day.

 This one came out blurry but it's the neighbor's holly tree. It's one of the first things I (and apparently my mother, as well) want to take pictures of when it snows. Something about a pop of red against the white, I suppose.

 Doesn't it look like a class art project where someone got too crazy with the glue and cotton balls?

I'm so glad she took these, as the next day we had icy rain and things weren't nearly as delightful. I don't know if you've seen on your local news, but Pennsylvania got hit very hard with power outages and downed tree limbs and the like, due to about a half inch of ice accumulating on everything. We were extremely fortunate in that regard. Everyone is sick and tired of snow forecasts and can't wait for summer. I (and my mother), on the other hand, are quite delighted to be having a proper winter for once. Our winters are usually too warm (I went almost all last winter without a coat!) and we may get one storm that melts quickly and that's it, if we get anything at all. None of the snow has been too bothersome, and everything is just so pretty. I've always loved having a white winter, and that still hasn't changed. The brutally cold temps can get to me as they are quite bone-numbing, but I will take this any day over ninety-five degrees with 100% humidity. Any day.

Seeing as this is blanket weather, I am going to be horribly unkind to my back and baste my triangles quilt on the living room floor. It hasn't budged since last week as I ran into some crochet snafus as I apparently cannot count, and I also needed to fix my serger. First things first, hahaha. Now onto the pinning.... Have a lovely weekend!


  1. You mom knocked it out of the ball park with the pictures! I love the white snow, too, but mostly I like it in pictures :) But there's something awe-inspiring about the silent that snow produces, that I dearly love. Tell your Mom thanks from me.


  2. Well at least your camera was having fun while you were at work lol

    Our ski resorts have more snow than the 'big guys' by quite some considerable amount, which means the Highlands in general is a bit stuffed right now - a mere 3 yards of snow (or does one still keep counting in inches?!)

  3. I recognize that snow with the cotton balls glued to the trees and I'm very happy to say when the next storm came bringing all the wet and weighty icy stuff that cracked the tree branches that I was safe at home inside. I didn't lose power at all but some of my friends and neighbors are STILL today without power. I drove around a bit yesterday in the suburbs a little farther west than I live and oh my goodness... it looked like a war between the tree limbs and the power wires! I have also had near misses with potholes that my Honda Civic barely survived - they may have totally eaten your little mini cooper! I got some great photos of the snow and the ice, they are posted on my blog- glad to hear you are well here in the Philly area.

  4. Looks like it's your turn for snow. Your mum took some really pretty photos. I'm in total agreement with you, I'd rather have this weather than the hot sticky summers any day.

  5. Beautiful photos! Way to go Mama!!
    Hope your back survived!
    xo Kris



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