Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Too Much

What seems like a long time ago I told you folks I was working on a new EPP project in order to make myself slow down a little bit. Not long after I wrote that I was finished with it. So much for slowing down. Between then and now I've had so many things I'm working on I simply forgot to share the finished product with you.

I'll be honest--I'm not super in love with it. I love the 30's prints, I love the pattern, but they didn't come together in a way that I was hoping would happen. It's very busy and scrappy looking, with nowhere for the eyes to rest. So while I like the colors and the bit of vintage look that it has, I'm not over the moon about it. Throw in the dense quilting and my busy binding stitching and you've got a thing that....how can I say this...I will hang out with this thing after school, but I won't be best friends with it... Terrible metaphor, I know...

I thought I had placed the black and red across from each other, but I suppose not. And the green and purple prints don't have much to them so they look much...quieter. My favorite part is the yellow center star. It was fun to sew, too.

I ended up loving the black prints the best, which surprises me.

I suppose this is the problem with using a charm pack for this. I made very economical use of it, but there were prints I wasn't crazy about for this piece, and others I wish I had more of. I decided to quilt this in a spiraling hexagon pattern. I started from the outside and worked my way towards the center (which isn't easy when it comes to the final few turns).

I had a good sized hunk of yellow that I used for the back, and then some polka dot binding, which I made even busier by using an asterisk stitch to sew it down.

This didn't come out as large as I thought it would, but it's a good size for placing in the center of a table with a mason jar of daisies plunked on it. But while I enjoyed making this, and like each fabric, as well as the pattern, the end result is a little too busy. If someone ever asks you "Hey, I have some cute fabric I'd like to make look obnoxious" you can direct them to this post for the how-to, hahahahahaha.


  1. That looks like a great pattern and I love the quilting that you did.

  2. You're right. Too busy. If the center had been a solid red OR if the star had been the same solid yellow and you don't use yellow elsewhere... Actually looking at it again, you could keep everything except lose the red and black hexagons and use a more pastel fabric.

  3. It is darling! Love the quilting you did on it!
    xo Kris

  4. I think it's perfect. I love the fabrics and colours and the quilting too but I especially love the stitching on the binding. Gorgeous.

  5. It is a bit busy, but I still like it.



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