Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What's This Decision: Blocks 13-16

I've had such a busy weekend, and with a few days off from work thrown in I plumb forgot to write! I have, however, been very much enjoying reading the comments you've been leaving on the giveaway post. Some of you are quite the busy folks! You've got a few days left to enter if you haven't already.

I haven't had time to work on any more economy blocks (which is irking me, as I don't like having WIPs that I don't get to work on), but hopefully by the time I finish showing you the ones I've already made I'll be back in the swing of making them. So here are a few more for your viewing pleasure :)

This young boy was sent to the market with his wagon to load it with goodies. That wood grain fabric is supposed to be his wagon :)  Remember when grocers wore aprons and there were local stores like this? Yeah, me neither...other than a corner store my existence has largely been privy to the offerings at the supermarket.

This one is pretty self-explanatory...I really loved the typewriter fabric, so why not 'type' what was written longhand? Remember that? Writing longhand, and then typing it out very carefully? I learned to type on a typewriter and still love that clickety-clack sound. I even remember what the ink ribbon smelled like...remember in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' when Audrey Hepburn gave George Peppard a typewriter ribbon as a gift? What would you do if someone gave you a ream of printer paper as a gift? Why doesn't that seem as romantic?

Take away that tiny waist and this could have been me this weekend--I baked a few things for our Fourth of July picnic and was quite pleased with the results (though the process was a bit harrowing at times). Note to self: you don't have to use all the berry preserves, unless you like that someone-was-murdered-here-and-the-blood-is-now-congealing look.

Pistachio cookies. That's what this block represents. Because what else is that color? Maybe key lime pie? Are pistachio cookies even a real thing? I think they're real...I don't think I just made that up (can you tell I'm tired?)

I had some projects crop up out of seemingly nowhere, and they've got deadlines, so I'm feeling that frenzy of needing to get all the things done. I realllly want to get back to these economy blocks, so I guess I better just buckle down and get to it. It's such a lovely feeling of relief when all the need-tos are done. 

Ta for now!

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  1. Pistachio cookies are totally a thing! Most people make them with pistachio pudding mix . =) I love all of these... especially that typewriter one! Cuteness!



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