Tuesday, September 8, 2015

W(hat's) T(his) D(ecision): Blocks 49-55

My sister "graciously" informed me yesterday, when I was arse-up pin-basting a quilt on the living room floor (a task that took me a few hours, mind you) that she's tired of my quilt. I am not sick of it, (surprisingly) but I get the sentiment behind reading about quilt blocks seemingly ad infinitum. So I'm going to cram more blocks into two posts, and hopefully have a finished quilt around the time you're finished reading about all the parts.

Every day I head to lunch with an amazing salad concocted in my mind. And every day I get something that is decidedly not a salad, and is more often than not either something with a lot of cheese, or french fries.

Do they even teach handwriting anymore? I used to love that in third grade! I was so diligent in making my writing as neat as possible. Sometimes I love to just sit and write, even if it's nonsense, just because. Every time in a Harry Potter book they take out their parchment and their quills I get slightly jealous.

I dunno. I liked the stack of books, the ledger page, the 'oldness' of the postmarks. I still love when, in old westerns, the banker or shipping clerk or whoever checks their ledger, with the neat columns and scripty writing and crinkly inky pages (because somehow that info sets a posse on the trail of a bad guy).

My mom was probably the last hold-out on earth when it came to getting a clothes dryer. I get it, sun-dried clothes are a pleasure unto themselves. Her clothesline ran right next to our swimming pool. When her laundry was out, we'd run out to the pool with her words in our ears reminding us to not "soak the clothes!!!" Not infrequently our splashing would give her clean laundry a second rinse.

Valentine's Day. I don't care one way or the other for the holiday, unless we're talking decorations. And then I might love it as much as Christmas.

When I was little I used to think working in the post office must be the coolest thing. You got to rubber stamp packages, put price stickers on things, look at fun stamp designs, and so on. I no longer want to do that (maybe a little), but I still get excited when the mail comes. Weird, I know.

Would you believe I have no Halloween fabrics? Or even fall fabrics? This little mish-mosh was the closest I could get, since I love holidays and wanted them to be represented.
Trimming this block actually drove me a little crazy--even now that back sketch fabric looks like it's cut crookedly, but it's perfectly straight.

I started quilting this tonight and have moved along quite quickly. If I keep to this pace it'll be finished this weekend. My sister just sighed and said to herself "Thank God." 

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