Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Flora, Fauna, Chicken

Just out of's your weather been? Normally I am lamenting that it got too warm too fast. But this past Saturday there was snow in the forecast. Some big, wet flakes did fall, and the day was cold and miserable. Then on Sunday, it was beautiful. I mean...perfectly beautiful, couldn't ask for a much nicer day. Just look.

The leaves actually looked really lime green, but I still struggle with this camera, even though I've had it for a while now. That sky, though...

I do so love a good dandelion. This one is looking a little clipped, but I'm pretending that a random squirrel already made some wishes on it (I know, how juvenile--but I'm rebelling against the annual aging benchmark that is my birthday (in a few weeks) by embracing my inner child (her name is Rosie, btw).

This squirrel (I think it's Elmer--again, I'll pretend it is) froze just like this for about a minute. I love the little look on his face. Sometimes I look like that when I'm caught eating something not on my diet, hahaha. Then he ran away.

And froze in the tree.

Lest you think I wandered aimlessly all weekend, I did accomplish a few things. I finished up a project I can show you in a few days, and I spent Sunday cooking dinner (I made grilled caprese chicken and penne a la vodka...without the vodka). At the supermarket these red berries and teeny spray roses caught my eye:

They didn't last terribly long, but my dinner came out well. I used this recipe for the chicken, and my mother's recipe for the pasta sauce. Well, hers isn't technically a recipe. It's that way of cooking moms have where they just add things until it tastes how they want. It's right up there with that skill of selecting the perfect sized container for the leftovers.

Big time stuff, I know.


  1. Haha, I fail really hard at picking the right size container for leftovers! But I'm not too bad at tossing this and that in a pan to make a 'recipe'. ;-)
    Our weather has been all over the place... hot and nasty one day, blustery and cold the next. I guess that's just spring though!

  2. I have been known to create extra dirty dishes by not estimating the leftover container size correctly. However, I am pretty good at throwing the contents of the frig together to make a tasty dinner.
    Most of my snow is gone, and today I have crocus in bloom. However, I am not taking my snow tires off yet.



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