Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Murder Mystery Quilt Along: Block 5

Guys. It is the last day of May (it might be almost the second day of June depending on where you live, or when Blogger decides to feed this into your dashboard/reader). I can't deal with it. It's not even super hot yet. Anyway--I've got my next block for you in the murder mystery quilt along. This chapter was called 'Welcome to the Hike Inn.' I'd like to believe this month's block is a representation of the inn based on the description in the story, but at this point I have no idea.

The blocks for the summer months are going to be super simple, which is fine by me. Not that I'm not up for a challenge, but as this quilt is a total mystery it's nice that I'm not slaving over complicated blocks or fabric choices. My curiosity is killing me, though.

Good thing I love polka dots, eh? I think it took me longer to cut everything out than it did to sew it together. Since there's not too much else I can say, here's a picture of what I've got so far in the order I made them:

No clue. Absolutely no clue. While the blocks themselves aren't complicated, I do applaud the work that went into this (not even halfway through!). To come up with a story and quilt blocks to go with it sounds hard enough, but to make everything part of the mystery and the clues and the answer....to quote teenagers everywhere "I can't even."

I even went all super-nerd. I reread all of the chapters and clues, and made notes, and circled things, and highlighted, and even all-capped things like "RED SHOELACES!" I don't even know if it's relevant; I just feel like I should be doing things like that. If anyone knows a real-live detective can you ask them if 'red shoelaces' is something they'd write in their little notebooks, just so I know if I'm on the right track?


  1. I would guess that you are enjoying this!! ;-) I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes next, but I have no idea what's going on!

  2. And you can't even skip ahead and read the last chapter. Not that you would ever do that.
    Nice work on the blocks so far.

  3. I still think general Mustard in the library with a crochet hook...



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