Thursday, January 19, 2017

Eliminating Some Noise

Hi gang. Just a quick post today (though I do have a cute little purse I made to share with you). Well, I say quick, but we'll see.

Life is noisy. And I don't mean decibel levels. I mean mental noise. Never before have we had so much access to so much information. And while I do appreciate quick updates on news items and a quick way to find out who was the person in that movie that time, the rest just fills my brain with nonsense. Between Twitter and Facebook, I feel this 'need' to keep up with things. I find myself constantly checking on things that don't matter, or looking to see what that girl from second grade who 'borrowed' my novelty eraser and never gave it back is up to. I can't stand it anymore. Please note Instagram is not included in this--I love that space.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately on hygge and mindfulness and awareness. And I've realized that in those moments were I should be present, I am not. I am scrolling through nonsense. And as I'm scrolling I'm thinking "This is stupid. I don't care. That's fake. I know you--your life isn't that peachy." So why bother? Why, indeed. So I'm not.

I've deleted my Twitter account, and this weekend I am planning on getting rid of my Facebook account, too (both personal and for this blog). Over the past month or so I've noticed how much better I feel being present in my life instead of glued to a screen due to some weird mental issue of the 'need' to check everything. So I'm going to eliminate those things that detract from the type of life I want. Which is present, and aware, and seeing what's in front of me instead of a false reality presented through the haze of cyberspace.

I don't know how many (or if any) of you followed me in those places, but if you did I just wanted to offer up an explanation of why I've left those buildings.

See you soon!


  1. Bravo! I don't have a Twitter account, but I am seriously thinking of deleting my Facebook account, because it is such a huge waste of time that could be spent in more rewarding experiences. Like sewing. Not to mention all the "fake news" out there that I really don't need to read, and all the ads that fill up the page.

  2. Many years ago, my husband video taped the kids' piano recital. After, he realized that he hadn't actually been at the recital, enjoying the kids. Living in the moment, being present in your life, right now, is much more important then keeping up with social media.
    I hope withdrawal isn't too painful.

  3. Good for you! I quit facebook after joining for a short time over 10 years ago, realizing the time vortex it sucked me into was wasting my day, and have not succumbed to the pressure to rejoin from friends. I was even more disgruntled when I tried to quit and Facebook wouldn't let me. I could not delete my account immediately. They said it had to be inactive for 6 months before they would delete it. As a victim of identity theft, it was crucial to me that it be deleted immediately, hence my dismay. I hope they have changed their policy now to make it easier for you to quit.
    I also agree with Kate's experience and now I take one or two photos at special events and then put the camera down and just watch and enjoy.
    Looking forward to seeing your new purse!

    1. It's going to be an adjustment, I'm embarrassed to say, but a good one. Hopefully their policy has changed, so I won't be 'lured' back in. The thing on there that is killing me lately is all of the political nonsense. I just can't take it. And if I'm going to stay away for the next four years I my as well just stay away.

  4. I only have facebook account and my blog space and love both.



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