Sunday, January 29, 2017

Having a Hyggeligt Weekend Because I'm Cold Even Though It's Not That Cold Outside

While we have had a significant lack of snow or cold weather in general, it has been very gray and wet and gloomy. Sunshine is rare and fleeting, and most days are cloudy with that damp feeling in the air that goes right through you and makes you cold, even though the air itself is not actually cold (and, in my opinion, is a much worse way to be cold). The bright side is that it's quite conducive to cozy indoor doings (here comes that over-hyped hygge word again!).

These cookies? Amazing! I used this recipe for these oatmeal cranberry white chocolate cookies. Easy to make, delicious to eat. I got top approval on these from all ranks (which is rare around here). 

I've found that I really like making soup. This is a Tuscan 7-Vegetable (they serve it in my cafeteria at work). I tried to find a recipe online, and this seems to be the one. I minced more than I diced so it looks less chunky, but it's so full of flavor for not many calories at all.

I haven't got any projects in the works, and this makes me fidgety, so I cast on some socks. I'm digging this colorway (for those of you curious the yarn is Knit Picks Felici sock yarn (that green bit of yarn is a lifeline).

 Our paper includes the NYT crossword on Sundays. I do it with my morning coffee. Or as much as I can--today's was a bit of a bugger and I lost patience.

And no weekend hygge-fying is complete without candles. I bought unscented votives as I seem to be getting more sensitive to certain candles. And that holder on the right is from Target's dollar spot--which turned into the several-dollar-spot for me this afternoon.

Throw in my dad's birthday, homemade jambalaya (which, though yummy, was a touch over my spicy threshold), cake, and the whole family over at once and it was a delightful weekend. Even though I've struggled to stay warm though most of it...("Sounds like a personal problem....don't touch the thermostat," as my dad would say).


  1. May I have two of those cookies, please. They will go well with my coffee, this morning.
    Love the socks and I am sure you will too.
    It looks like you had an excellent weekend.

  2. Soup and cookies, doesn't get more gezellig than that (people can't pronounce it, that's why it's not catching on, grmbl). Me and my husband both felt like crap this weekend, so I crocheted him a hat and I may crochet him another one (as work gave me hell today). I secretly turned up the thermostat, but only for tonight. Promise.

  3. I spent my weekend at a knitting retreat. Pretty sure someone brought those exact cookies to add to the snack table. I might have eaten two. Or nine. So good. Just finished a pair of Felici socks. Their colors are great. Your socks are looking good!

  4. That sounds like a perfectly cozy weekend. And that sock is so cute!

  5. Ha, your Dad's response to your cold weekend sounds like something my Dad would have said. I was often being told to go and put another jumper on when I was younger! xx



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