Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trego Cardigan

Hello! I made this sweater last year, have worn it several times, and have just now (again) remembered that I never shared it with you. I absolutely must because it's so comfortable, it was easy to knit, and the color is beautiful.

This is the Trego sweater, found here on Ravelry. My reason for making this was to use up some stash yarn I had (Stylecraft Special Aran (weight) in Silver). The yarn is super soft, and almost has a reflective quality, as it has a very subtle sheen. As it's acrylic, it is quite warm, but it's super soft and cozy and perfect for cold winter days.

The sweater is knit top-down, and then the buttonless button-band added at the end. I tried it on while it was in progress and thought I was pleased with the length, and while it's okay, another inch or two would have made it so perfect (for me--it's a personal fit taste thing, as this sweater is by no means too short; as a matter of fact my mother keeps telling me to knock it off and that it fits just right).

I followed the pattern exactly as written, and had no issues. The only true thinker spot in the whole affair was maintaining the sleeve stitch pattern in the underarm section--I simply followed what I had visually and made any adjustments that felt right. Luckily winging it worked this time. I really like the subtle changes in the stitch textures--they really work together so well without overwhelming anything.

One thing I really liked almost seems silly but it really makes a difference. See that bit of stitching that contrasts with the ribbing? What you do is knit the sleeve down to where you think you'll fold the sweater cuff up, knit a row, switch back to rib, and finish the cuff. That momentary hiccup in the stitch work keeps the cuff folded right where you like it.

I've received some lovely compliments on this sweater--most along the lines of "It looks so cozy!" And it is. If I made this again I would definitely use wool for more breath-ability. If you're an advanced beginner knitter or higher, I definitely think you could successfully give this a go.

And while we're speaking of knitting, I've uploaded all of my yarn projects to my Ravelry page and added a button at the top of my side bar in case you'd like to check it out. I feel like I should really have a lot more things to list, but I think a lot of the afghans and other things I've made were way back before I blogged and took photos of everything. It seems for all the stitching I do I should have hundreds of items up there...

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. I had some dental work done today so I'm going to go hunt down some ibuprofen. Cheers!


  1. Are you wearing a ribbon in your hair or is it part of the background? What kind of flooring do you have. It's an interesting pattern. Is it carpet? Sorry, I was very distracted by other stuff in the photos. The cardigan looks good on you. At first glance, I thought it was the sleeves that were too long. Then I understood the fold was intentional. I think the fold is unnecessary. In fact I think it interferes with the impact of the what you call ribbing?

  2. Love the cardigan Bethany! Looks great on you too. Do you close it with a shawl pin or leave it open all the time? I should post my things on Ravelry too, but I have only posted a few things. Just takes time to post stuff everywhere else as well as my blog. I am off to see what you have posted and to check out the cardigan pattern too.

  3. I try to post my my starts on Ravelry ( before I lose the ball band) but I often forget. It is a great way to keep track on changes you make to a pattern.

    Nice sweater, it looks like a joy to wear.

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  5. Wow you look great in it! I can really see it work with a burgondy, deep red or even (gasp) pink top or shirt underneath. Welldone!!

  6. Ohh, that's nice! I love the texture on the sleeves and button band! I prefer my cardigans on the long side as well.



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