Sunday, April 2, 2017

Trowbridge Sweater

Just in time for spring and warmer weather I finished the sweater I was working on. A better planner would have laid off knitting socks through the winter and made the sweater then, as they would have realized they already had plenty of socks. But I am not that better planner, so here we are.

I do so love to knit a top-down raglan. I have a long torso, so knitting from the top to the hem lets me make the sweater as long as I like. The pattern I used for this one was the 'Trowbridge' pattern by Alicia Plummer. I liked the fit, and the simple details that kicked it up just the right size notch.

It's quite a simple pullover, but it does have some lovely waist and hip shaping.

I'm not entirely in love with the fact that the increases and decreases aren't really invisible, but at least everything is neat and symmetrical, and runs down the sides of the sweater, instead of somewhere more noticeable like the front.

There are a couple simple details that elevate the design of the Trowbridge. Each sleeve has a sewn-on band at the wrist, accented with buttons.

The ribbed collar has a garter stitch section that adds a fun little detail to an otherwise pretty vanilla design.

The yarn I used is GGH Maxima in the color ozeanblau. It looked a little more vibrant on my computer than in real life, but it's still a nice, deep, almost military blue. The yarn is nice and soft, but sturdy. It doesn't split when being knit, and washed up very nice (it's a superwash wool). 

I did the math oh so carefully, but ended up with a lot of extra yarn. Even if I had made the next size up I still would have had a lot extra. So here I am wearing it--it's a little bit snugger than I thought it would be, but the next size up would have been too big.

I'm definitely looking in this, but the body and the sleeves are nice and long. I'm standing in that classic pregnancy pose (I'm not, by the way) just so you can see the wrist detail. 

While the pattern was well-written and easy to follow, I don't know that I'd make it again, but mostly because I don't like making the same things again and again when they take weeks to do. I'd like to redo it in the next size up and compare, but I feel like I could drop a few pounds in the same time frame and just wear the one I already made. I'm also going to try and steam it out just a touch wider in the body and see if that helps as the fabric has a decent amount of give to it.

This, however, is generally why I enjoy cardigans much more. Not so many fit worries, and I love feeling like I'm wrapping myself in a cozy blanket when I pull it close around me.


  1. I think it looks lovely! I like the simple details which give it quite a timeless appeal! Nice work!

    1. Thank you! I feel it's a pretty minimalist sweater, so those teeny details add a nice little touch to make it not too plain.

  2. I love the neckline and wrist details! I have those same buttons waiting to be used for something. ;-) I hope you can steam it to a more comfortable size, it looks nice and cozy!

  3. I like the collar with the 2 buttons but not the extra sewn on band with buttons on the wrist. I think that's over designed. Sorry if I seem to nitpick. Is that a classic pregnancy pose? You don't look pregnant by the way. Or were you sucking in your tummy?

  4. It's a love;y sweater and it looks really well on you!

    1. Thank you! It feels good on, too--when I buy yarn online I live in fear of scratchy yarn that feels like steel wool against my skin.

  5. The fit is probably fine. It will block a bit on your body, so you might be wise to just wear it a bit, and see if the fit improves.
    I love the colour of the sweater. Denim is a great neutral colour.

  6. The fit is probably fine. It will block a bit on your body, so you might be wise to just wear it a bit, and see if the fit improves.

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