Monday, March 27, 2017

Little Things

When I leave work, there is a gentleman who sits along my route out of the building who makes it a point to say "Good night! Have a pleasant evening!" every single day. I'm not sure if his intent was Pavlovian in nature, but I find myself turning to the left when I get off the elevator (before I turn right) to make sure I wish him a nice night as well. Today, he said "Have a good one!" And I said "You too!" Then he waved me over, and said "No, have a good one. I'm retiring tomorrow, and I'll be gone before you come by. I'm going to spoil my brand new granddaughter!" While excited for him (and jealous--baby snuggles???!!!) I felt a little sad. I've come to look forward to that little interaction, those few seconds, every afternoon.

So this got me thinking of other little things that make me happy, those fleeting moments that make up our days.

 One of my co-workers just returned from Thailand. He met a woman there who sews for wealthy clients around the world, and sources materials from all over. He told her "I know someone who loves to sew and I always want to get her something but have no idea. What would you recommend?" She took him to (I think it was) her studio, and told him a sure thing was this beautiful silk blend. He chose red because my "nails are always some shade of red." I have two yards of this, and am carefully pondering what it might want to be when it grows up.

My sister was over her friend's parents' home last week. I don't know how it came to be a topic of discussion, but her friend's father LOVES candy. Her mother said "Do you like candy hearts? We have bags of them!" To which my sister responded "I don't. But they're my sister's favorite." I am still working my way through these. I'm certainly surprised they're still around--I find them quite addictive. Every time I eat one I mentally yell at myself something along the lines of "Stop! What are you doing?"

As long as I can remember, I have always loved the patterns the sunshine will make when coming through the windows.

With the clocks jumping forward and spring truly here, I'm glad that the golden hour happens when I'm not sitting at my desk at work, missing it.

I bought one of those yarn subscription boxes recently, and in it was a sheet of yarny stickers. I didn't know what I was going to do with that, but they make great labels for the tabs in the recipe book I'm making. They don't really make sense in there, but they look cute.

And finally, the start of a wee doodle. I haven't drawn a single thing in a very long time, and I miss the repetitiveness of  drawing patterns. I thought I might get a little bored with a full circle mandala, so I'm doing a quarter circle.

So that's that. Just a smattering of little things that have been bringing me pleasure. I am going to miss that guy, though. Funny thing is--I speak to him every day, and we don't even know each other's names. 


  1. I always tell my students Nice Matters! You never know when a small kindness will change someone's day. It's like the ripples in a pond when you toss in a pebble!

  2. That red silk is lovely. I imagine it will get some serious petting and admiring before you cut into it.

  3. That kind of person is my favorite... little bits of kindness are a wonderful thing! That silk is lovely, and such a thoughtful gift.

  4. A coworker that brings you silk. Well well! Better get some red lipstick too ;-)

  5. Sweet post. A good reminder that little things matter.

  6. what a lovely happy post! I've started a journal and I have a page where I write down things that make me happy, I love filling it in and it's almost full! makes you realise there's a lot more good stuff about life than we might think. Love the mandala!



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