Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some chit chat...

Hi, kids! I don't have anything crafty to show you today - I've got a knitted armadillo in the works (this was a special request - I'm good at knitting rectangles and squares, so this one is a bit of a challenge for me - thank heavens for patterns!). But I had such a good day I wanted to say hello and tell you a few things, just because they made me happy/amused:

First - I linked up my blog at Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom on her worldwide blog hop, and she asked if I'd be interested in an interview. Of course I said yes. What a great opportunity to talk some more! It's up there now - if you're interested in reading more of my blathering here's the link.

Second - I'm on Pinterest. I've been there for a bit and have the most lackluster boards ever - I'm pretty much using it instead of bookmarking links for projects, but I LOVE seeing what other people post. I try to guess who it is before I look at the name of the pinner - I like that people have such distinctive styles that you can tell who they are by a simple picture. If you want an invite let me know!

Third - I added a Flickr button on the left for you. If you use one of my tutorials or are inspired by something you see here I'd love it if you added a picture to the pool. Seeing what other people do gives me inspiration, so I'd especially love to see what my readers have been up to.

Fourth  - I'm sure you've heard of the earthquake that hit the east coast today. We actually felt it a bit here in Philly. At first I thought someone was walking heavy or the maintenance men were up to something and just thought "Really, dude? WTF?" Then, it happened again and my boss pretty much bellowed "WHY IS THE FLOOR SHAKING?" It wasn't scary or anything, and I got to experience my first earthquake. You would think we were at the center of it instead of hundreds of miles away - slow news night, I suppose. However, I've had enough of that. My brain can't wrap itself around what it must have felt like in Japan, at thousands and thousands times stronger - nope, one quake is enough for me.

And finally (because I can hear you thinking "Jeez she's rambler!") - for my brother's birthday he wanted all of us to just go out, get some eats, and play some quizzo. Fine by me! I like eating and I like trivia. Well, our team won! Useless knowledge isn't always useless. Then we did that fifty-fifty thing and one of the tickets we bought was pulled. My brother had to answer one question right to win the pot, he took a guess, and we won that too! If you're interested, Indiana Jones' first name is Henry. File that away for future use.

I don't have any pics for you but I like to include a little something in my posts - so this is for you :)

Back soon! Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh my goodness...you're famous!!! And you mentioned lil' ol me!!! Bless your heart and liver!! Well, I did learn some things about you. I didn't know you were new to sewing! I can't even believe that. You do such wonderful work!!! Your interview was so great Bethany. I loved it!!!
    Oh, and about Pinterest....I could not get the hang of it. Yet I hear others love it!!! Maybe I should try again?
    OH, and the earthquake....e gads, we get them here, and they are so scary!!! I hate them.
    Wait til Holly finds out we both got a nod in your interview!!!!
    Love ya,

  2. Wow, it's nice to know more about you! I've always thought you've been blogging forever. And you mentioned me! How sweet of you.
    I rarely join in any link parties unless I get a personal invite thru' email. But it's a good idea to market my stuff thru such parties. I'll certainly try to be more active. Won't hurt to get more traffic.
    It's nice to get some money from blogs but I totally don't read blogs which spit out sponsored posts all the time. Maybe it's my jealousy speaking!
    When I first started on Pinterest, I spent all my free time looking at the images. It's so addictive. Now I exercise self-control.

  3. Great interview and that was so sweet of you to mention me! You know that I love you too, right? I'm with Kris, I don't get Pinterest, I have an account but have no idea what to do with it. I'm too old and lazy to figure it out. By the way, even though you mentioned me in your interview, I'm not going to be all snobbish now that I'm famous and everything. Just thought you should know.

  4. I enjoyed your interview over at Suzy Sitcom.. fun stuff and you make so many pretty things. I also clicked the follow button, looking forward to reading more!

  5. I loved that interview! :) You shine, for realz. Also, I agree about Charlie being cute.

    Also, congrats (I guess?) on your first quake. I've felt them many times and you're right, feeling more than one is not fun.

    Aaaand, I've been reading lots of people winning at trivia nights in my city, too. Is that a "new" thing? I am such a hermit, it hurts to even ask that. Haha!

    PS. Is that your first "WTF" on this here blog? Hahahahaha! Love that! :D

  6. ooh, that's so cool, I'm off to read what you have to say right now. and thanks for linking up!! :o)

  7. On the bright side, at least you experienced your first quake in comfort. For my first one I was in home ec class at school, the cooker moved and I burnt my arm!

    As for the quiz, jeez, doesn't everyone know Indiana Jones' first name is Henry? Even my dad remembered when I just asked him on the phone ;o)

  8. LOVED your interview over at Suzy's place. So many thing rang true about blogging - and you said some things at just the right time for what I was thinking about with my own blog! Funny you find inspiration and encouragement when you need it - in places you didn't know you were looking!!

    Thanks for linking to the Creating Success Worldwide blog hop!! Hope you'll come back again next week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success



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