Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Because I have nothing better to do....

...yeah, right. It seems that the more I have to do the less I get done. I think the Amish have a saying that goes "The hurrier I go the behinder I get." I'd like to say "Any Amish here who can verify?" but if anyone answered that in the affirmative I'd have to then say "If you're Amish how come you're on a computer?" And then they'd probably say "It's rumspringa." And then I'd have to say "As long we're conversing electronically can you give me some quilting tips?"

My dining room table is covered in little piles of fabrics right now in yummy fall colors. I made the "mistake" of taking a few of my purses and sunglasses cases to my aerobics class a few weeks ago at the request of the teacher (who needed a gift). I underestimated the interest level--I was surrounded! I made a few sales and took a few orders, and people asked me to keep bringing things in as I make them. I've been busy busy sewing up some wristlets and some frame purses, and I feel that's all I've done this week (not far from the truth). Don't get me wrong -- extra money is always very nice, and I love the appreciation. It just gets a little tiring. I'd be in seventh heaven if I didn't have to work a day job and could just sew all day, but since my sewing time is nights and weekends it can be a bit tiring to go-go-go in the off hours.

Wow, I went off in a totally different direction really quick. I meant to say "I've been busy sewing, but as I drank my tea tonight I fooled around some more with the My Memories software." I decided to try and create a scrapbook page instead of random graphic doodads. I've never done one before, and most of my pictures are of my handbags or other crafty bits, so I had to dig to find a few photos that would go together. So here's my first official digital scrapbook page:

These were from my sister's wedding a couple years ago. All I had to do was choose the layout (there were a lot more than I thought, but I had selected my pictures and knew I needed one for three pics), and then pick a paper and a few embellishments. If this was a girly page I could have really gone to town with the cutesy, but for a boy I kept it simple. I love these photos of him - dancing when he thinks no one is watching to music only in his head before the reception started, then a few hours later with the shirt untucked and the tie and vest gone. Man I love this kid! I keep trying to convince him to go as Harry Potter for Halloween but he won't have any of it...doesn't he look like him but with lighter hair?

I'll be back in a flash with my next Cherry Vanilla quilt block - it's my favorite one so far!

If you're interested in a chance to win the software I used above, check out this post for details.


  1. You are just adorable! Love your Amish "talk."

  2. I don't have a day job and I could sew all day but I never do. Because it gets so tiring. I wish I have a day job so I don't have to make excuses for not sewing all day! See what i mean?

  3. Oh I know totally what you mean, I have colleagues at the day job that keep giving me 'little projects' like a whole American Doll wardrobe, the overhaul of a beloved teddy bear, a couple of dress refashions, and a wrap to make. Oh, and I appear to be the advisor on all things sewy... And then when they aren't doing that my family is getting me to dress them, bag them and make other items, and my friends are requesting such mad things as Elizabethan ruffs. I had to join a swap just to do something for me (in a roundabout sort of a way lol)

  4. I know exactly what you mean!!! Maybe I don't have so many custom orders, but I keep returning to my sewing machine every day after work!! I wish I could sew for a living!! Someday!!! hopefully :D
    btw Zach is adorable :) on this cute outfit!1
    Happy September Beth!!! 3 months till Christmas :D



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