Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'll gladly wash my mouth out with soap!

It should come as no surprise that I love fabric. I love touching it. I love folding it. I love looking at it.  But I absolutely HATE cutting it.  The worst part of any project for me is the prep work of cutting fabrics, linings, interfacings, etc. Tonight I cut out the pieces for four satin evening bags and one more beach bag. Every last piece I'll need. So I don't need to cut anything else until at least the weekend.  Joy!  I was finished too late to start sewing and too early to go to bed, so what to do but play on the internet?

Because I'm supposed to be on a diet I can only sit here and drool over the following:

Hold on a sec...I have to get something to wipe off my keyboard....  How delectable is all of that?  And here's the coolest part--it's soap!  I stumbled across an artisan on Artfire today--her entire shop is delicious soaps that look too good to eat (which is a good thing, because it's soap and is probably icky tasting).  She also packages them in nifty ways that make them perfect for gifting. I'm definitely going to keep her in mind when I need a unique present for someone.  To check her out, visit her studio here.

I'm going to go eat a rice cake now...no I'm not. I'm going to get an oreo.  Who am I kidding?

And tomorrow--a totally awesome giftie from my leetle seester.

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