Thursday, April 29, 2010

This bag has been in the bathroom!

Haha. Seinfeld moment :)

I finally finished the bag I warned you about the other day. I say finally, but I cut it out Saturday afternoon, and didn't touch it until last night.  I stopped at the part that gave me the willies, and worked up the moxie to just go for it this evening.  It's the same bag as the flip-flop bag, but totally different fabrics.  This time I reread  my directions for the zipper and realized that the reason I had been having so much trouble is because I was reading them wrong. Whoops.  Amazing how that happens.  This one is still not totally perfect, but I'm pleased enough with it to call it finito, Benito.  It should be fairly smooth sewing if I make this bag again.  I combined the Highbrow Hobo pattern from u-handbag, with a KwikSew pattern that I had used before for the gusset and the zipper.

I dig the brown and pink, and am in lurve with how the hearts on the straps tie in with the hearts on the main fabric.  Both of these are from Joann's Fabrics.

Due to the gusset this bag is pretty roomy inside.  Thanks, gusset!

This zipper lays across the top instead of sitting down inside, but is much sleeker looking than a change purse type of zipper.

And here's the happy inside. Slip pocket on one side, zip pocket on the other.

It's probably really obvious from the third photo so I won't gloss over the ugly details....I took these photos in the bathroom. I prefer to take my pictures outside; if that's not possible I hang them on a coat rack in the spare room.  But the lighting in the bathroom is really good and I wanted to highlight the colors of this bag, which is a huge part of its sweetness.  Normally I wouldn't mention it, but it's such ugly tile; it's never been replaced so I needed to bring it up simply so I could make it clear that there's no bad taste in tile in this house--blame it on the previous owners.  If you didn't notice it until I pointed it out and think that this is more information about my bathroom than you really need, just remember that you're the one who decided to start reading this in the first place.  Which I do appreciate, by the way :)

I must get myself to bed.  I have this thing called a day job I have to get up for.


  1. Bethany,

    This is wonderful, love your choice of talented. Wow!

    Art by Karena

  2. Thank you, Karena! That's so sweet of you :)

  3. Hi, Adrianna from Crafterhours here. Couldn't find another way to contact you. Thanks for the sweet comments on our page! I'm glad you like the blog. There are 2 of us blogging there, otherwise it wouldn't be nearly as good - there's no way I could hold down the fort alone!

    And while I'm here, let me just say that I am in LOVE with that flip flop bag and your use of polka dot lining! How happy would you be to open your bag and see THAT every time?! Very fun!

  4. Thanks for visiting! When other bloggers stop by I feel like a celebrity came to visit :)

  5. I'm enjoying looking at yours. I love the bags. I'm wondering which quilt you decided to go with. I've looked at your shop.



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