Saturday, April 3, 2010

Springtime Salutations

I went for a stroll around the yard on a sunny day off and was greeted by some springtime loveliness, just in time for Easter.


The snow melted away and left behind one lonely reindeer bell from a Christmas that seems long ago...

...a hydrangea bush that can't wait to bear its blooms...

...a happy purple rhododendron and a sunshine forsythia...

...and a lilac bush that's seen better days but still wants to join the dance.

Have a happy Easter and a happy spring!


  1. Isn't it great when spring is in the air. Our Magnolia has just started to bud and I have this overwhelming urge to get out in the garden but unfortunately the weather is less than great in this neck of the woods :(

  2. Oh man, these photos make me kinda hate my country where we only have dry and rainy seasons. :-/ I mean we do have flowers all year long but it would be nice if they hide once in a while. Must be fun to experience spring surprises like these :)

  3. After loooong snowy winters it's nice to see old friends. And to have an excuse to check out camera settings.



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