Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It really WAS easy peasy...

My new favorite things are frame purses.  Correction! My new favorite things to make are frame purses.  My first attempt was my sunglasses kit.  Loved it.  My second attempt was this rectangular frame purse (the 'Easy Peasy Purse' from u-handbag) with some leftover Love from Amy Butler in the lime colorway.  I had made one of my boardwalk bags in this fabric, and when I glanced at it sitting on my sewing table I thought "Wow, that would look great as a frame clutch."  So I back and forthed over if I should try it, and where I should buy the frames from, and would people be interested and...oh. My point. I forgot.  The purse. Right. Here it is:

It looks more yellow than lime in this picture...I love those viny flowers going up the sides.

The inside is called "Frosted Fondant."  Nice and cheery.  I love the big mouth of this bag.

Here she is with my stuff--this is usually what's rolling around the bottom of my handbag.

These framed bags are deceptive--they look smallish, but they hold TONS of stuff.  Including a tape measure that you may have accidentally pinked the edges off of but is still perfectly useful, especially for spontaneous sewing shop adventures.  This would be way big enough to stash phone-keys-cash for a night out.  Survey says it would be better if it had a handle of some sort, so next time I buy some I'll get ones with loops on them and attach a chain of some sort.  It's amazing how a little bit of shiny metal makes something look professional.

AND...I finished up the bags for my friend's wedding in July. They're all packaged and ready to ship. 
That green is looking darker than it actually is.  The colors all go together very nicely.

Each dress is the same but in a different color.  I used the Made By Rae Buttercup Bag pattern reduced by about 10% and added a little carry-strap inside (I don't like carrying clutches and would prefer something to slip over my wrist.  I always feel like I'm suddenly going to need both hands and what will I do if one is full of purse?  Oh, I'm in the wedding, and wearing yellow.  That's why the strap concerned me so much).  The strap tucks neatly inside for those that do like carrying clutches, but my guess is that we might need our hands fairly free that day.

Closeup of the button (as if you couldn't tell that already).

And now, some random thoughts.  Blogger changed how you post photos--hate it!!  And it's amazing to me how I can play with one photo and still not be able to do my goods justice (i.e. the greens above that just won't be green) but then can play with another where a silver button looks red for some odd reason and tweak it until it looks exactly like it's supposed to. How do I do it?  Or not do it, depending on which photo we're talking about. 

Ok. Enough chit-chat.  Off to sew.  She's going to be adorable--can't wait to share the photos!


  1. Hmm..Where can I get frames in my sad city, I wonder...

    You are a sewing machine. Not THE machine, but you know, a person that's like a sewing machine. Haha. You get my point, I'm sure :)

  2. Still absolutely amazed!!

    Art by Karena

  3. Meream--I ordered my frames from some place in Hong Kong for a decent price--but you have to buy in small bulk.
    And Karena--thank you!! Sewing seems to be the only creative outlet that I have any luck at. thanks for stopping by!



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