Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lay off o' my blue suede shoes

No, seriously.  They're mine.  Stay away.

They were on sale. And I had a coupon.  And the lining is adorable.  And my sister didn't die from disgust in the middle of the store.  All things was I supposed to say no?


  1. Every year I make it my mission to buy a pair of shoes in a color that makes my sister say "Oh dear God why?!?!?" I failed here--she actually likes them, lol.

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog Bethany, I watched Lost obsessively when it was on TV, it was a really great show one of the best i've ever watched.
    And those blue suede shoes are gorgeous.
    Em xxxxxxxx

  3. My sister is jealous as I get to watch it without having to wait between seasons and without commercials. I'm loving it so far.



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