Saturday, September 11, 2010

You're out of your element when...

  • You go to a Japanese restaurant and wonder when they're going to bring out the bread and olive oil.
  • You're in a fancy-schmancy culinary store and you overhear someone say "Oh! I bought that knife--I use it for making peanut butter and jelly."
  • You're sitting in a bar with friends wishing you had brought your book in with you.
  • You go to a demonstration and are the only person thinking that $20 is NOT a great deal for four unscented tealights.
  • You go into a Coach store and when the staff asks if you need help as you maul a bag you respond "No, I'm just seeing how they put this zipper in."
  • You're the only customer in the post office who understands how mail actually works.  Forty-five minutes later, upon your departure (the line was that long), you are still the only one who understands.
  • You want to live with the cast of Jersey Shore just so you can correct their grammar on a real-time basis.
  • Feel free to insert your own here.

I haven't been getting much done in the way of sewing.  I have a list up to here (you're going to need to visualize that part) of things I want to make, I have a bunch of fun fabrics, I've got loads of inspiration....but someone pulled the motivation plug or spiked my coffee with blah.  This past week, the only things I've sewn are two very simple shirts that I've made several times so it wasn't even really like sewing because they were so familiar.  And even they took forever.  Do you ever just have one of those days/weeks/months where it seems you get absolutely nowhere?  Yeah, that was me this week.  Curled up on the couch playing around online and watching TV, drinking tea, and not doing much else.  Not a good thing to do on a daily basis, that's for sure.  I'm happy to say I feel that has all passed and I'll be back to being productive in the very near future.   I guess we all need a break now and then.


  1. Yep, we can't be productive creative machines all the time, don't be hard on yourself honey. I am a bit like that at the minute too, everything is 'in progress' and I keep flitting like a bee from one thing to another without finishing anything! I love your list at the top too, I relate to it all! I am one stage further where I no longer go to bars/restaurants as I would rather be at home with a book/sewing, I love that as I get older I feel I can say 'no thanks I would rather stay home with my family' - I am a 30 something grumpy old woman... Bah!
    Kandi x :)

  2. when the staff asks if you need help as you maul a bag you respond "No, I'm just seeing how they put this zipper in." --> GUILTY. And I'm proud of it. Haha!

  3. Ha - I liked your list! I often have the same experiences. : )



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