Thursday, September 16, 2010

What a Deal!!!

I'm pretty sure everyone in the craft community has heard of Etsy.  But have you heard of Artfire?  It's the platform from which I run my little online shop, and right now they're offering quite a deal.  Normally, Pro accounts cost about $16.00 a month.  That's a flat rate by the way--no fees for posting, selling, or anything like that. Just $16.00 for oodles of extra features to sell your stuff.  Right now, though, if they get at least 20,000 people to sign up each of those Pro accounts will cost only $5.95.  That's an AMAZING savings!!! All you have to do to get a Pro account at such a low cost is head on over to the Artfire Group Deal page and submit your info; once they meet their minimum all of those new Pro accounts will lock in at that special rate.  So head on over, sign yourself up.  Tell your friends, and have them sign up for their own Pro accounts.  Happy selling!

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