Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet Milo

 "Hi! My name is Milo!"

"Did you ever see a pink armadillo before?"

 "What do you think of my fancy tail and my pretty shell? None of the other armadillos have a shell that looks like a sweater! Want to see it closer?"

 "Nope, you're not going to see an armadillo like me in Texas, that's for sure!"

"I even LOVE my ear patch. It matches!"
"Well, it was really nice meeting you. I have to go be loved now."



A few months ago, my cousin and her granddaughter asked if I could pretty please knit a Milo since I'm "the best knitter" - that's an actual quote, but it's not an actual fact. What's a Milo, you may ask? I didn't know either. He's the main fella in this book:

In a nutshell, a little girl named Tallulah wants a knitted pink bunny, but none are to be had. Her Grandma knits her one, but things get out of hand and the pink bunny is actually an armadillo. Tallulah isn't really thrilled with him, and doesn't give him much love. Milo's feelings are hurt, and he runs away. When Tallulah realizes he's gone, she gets very upset and realizes just how much she loves him. It's really a very sweet story. Of course I said I'd do it; I figured if anything I could just try to knit a rabbit because it would probably look like an armadillo anyway, hahahahaha. Luckily, my mumsy went digging and discovered that there was a companion pattern. Boo-ya! I know...I can't really pull off the boo-ya....

Anyway, it took me a while to get started with this project - it's been so hot and I just couldn't imagine working with yarn until it was cooler. A few weeks ago I realized I'd better get moving. After a few trials with different needles and trying to remember how a few things are done, I was off and on my way. I was quite pleased with my color work on the back, as with my knitting I tend to do one-color things, and one skein if I can swing it (I HATE finishing off the ends). Sewing it together wasn't much fun, but everything is nice and snug and secure. There are a few slight differences, but overall, it's a Milo, down to the wonky ears (it pained me to sew them on crooked, but the pattern said so, as Milo's ears are wonky--I couldn't give in to the OCD and deliver a less-than-Milo armadillo).

He was delivered yesterday morning. I can't even describe to you the phone call I received. Such gratitude, such happiness. I guess that's what it sounds like when the one thing you want most in the world appears before you. I wish you all such a level of joy in your Monday!

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  1. Oh my gosh, what a sweet story, and darling armadillo!!!! You knit!!! You rock!!! I love him! I want him!!! I want to make one!!!! PURE LOVE!!!!

  2. Oh, this turned out so cute!!! I was wondering what the end result was going to be when you told me you were knitting an armadillo. I love the sweater patterned shell! I'm sure this will be a well loved little guy. Great job! - the other Bethany ;)

  3. So cute! And this purple and yellow bear figures she can't go pointing fingers at pink armadillos ;o)

  4. I think this is so cute will you be having the pattern for anyone and are these knit on dpn or striaght

  5. cute! My Dad's name was Milo. <3

  6. Lovely, adorable, I had no idea that you knit!!! You ROCK Beth :D It's ssoooo cute !!!!

  7. Hello Milo,

    Here in Singapore, we drink you. We have a popular chocolate powdered drink call Milo. I drink you every nite. My kids drink you cold. I drink you hot. You taste good.


  8. Very cute! Visiting from Tip Junkie!

  9. Hi! I came over to visit from the Somewhat Simple Link Party. I would like to let you know that there is a link party on my crochet blog every Fridaynight and Saturday. I would love it if you’d add something. Have a lovely day!

  10. Oh my, I had a bit of a 'welling up' moment when you said about the phone call you got! She must have been over the moon.

  11. Awesome...I like your work and it is really amazing. I really appropriate of your work. That meet milo looking so cute.

  12. I appreciate of your work. It such an excellent work. I want to make it and it also very easy for making.

  13. Milo is looking so cute and pink colour is perfect to that. I have read your story, i like it. I impressed by that. I try to make it.

  14. Your name milo so cute. Your work is such a fabulous. I impressed by that. I also try to make it. That meet milo looking so lovely.



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