Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not a murse...

The bag you are about to see looks much better in real life. Since there's no way you can know that you're just going to have to trust me. I worked on this all afternoon, and when I went to take pictures it was dark out. It was 7:30 and it was DARK--not starting to get dark, but ALREADY dark. When did that happen? I like when it gets dark early (I'm weird like that), but I realize this is going to seriously hinder my ability to take a picture that's even half-decent. Of course my mother would say I should just get up early and take my pictures in the morning, but we're going to ignore her for now.

This was a last-minute project. My brother asked me to make it because he wants to try carrying a murse. Hahahahaha!! That's not true. They're having a benefit where he works, and the owner asked if I would make something to donate for the auction. If I didn't get this done I would forget all about it and then I'd feel absolutely horrible, so I knocked it out today.

Ugh, such bad pictures. In real life this bag is super cozy looking and perfect for fall/winter. It is a bit coarser than other wools I've worked with, so my interfacing wasn't entirely thrilled about fusing to it, but I'm the boss and it's my way or the highway.

The piping is really subtle on this one - I would like it to stand out a bit more but what are ya gonna do? No way this was getting unpicked so it'll just have to be content with itself. I've made my peace with it :)

These handles are kind of fun. You start off by making them up like really fat bias tape that is top-stitched on each edge. In the middle you fold them in half and stitch in a long rectangle to hold it all together. They're comfy on your shoulder and sleeker than ordinary handles. I promise you I brushed all of those fuzzies off of the straps before I handed it over.

I didn't know what to do for the lining. I don't like doing black because I personally don't like black linings in my own bags, so I went with this. The white and gray go with the outside, and the sparse roses on the branches remind me a little of the last few leaves on the trees in the fall (as long as you forget about the fact that they are indeed flowers and not leaves).

I can't leave you with such bad pictures on a Monday... I've been stitching a few other things this week. I made a batch of my sunnies cases as a lady in my aerobics class wanted a few. They all ended up selling like whoosh! I did remember to take a picture or a gazillion for you though - I love these fabric combos!

See how much better natural light is? For the first time ever I may rue the passage of summer simply for the sunlight at the times when I take pictures. The girls asked me for fall colors so I came up with these - fallish, but not seasonal.


I'm hoping this momentum will stick around. I am down to one have-to-do. If I can get that done this week everything else will be fun want-to stuff. I keep trying to get there but other things keep popping up and getting in the way. And this week's quilt block is a doozy so I want to tackle that without other things on my mind. I'm going to go read for a bit and then get up really early and take pictures (ok...I couldn't even type that without laughing). Have a splendiferous Monday!

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  1. This bag is fab. The piping looks ok to me. I've never used wool. I'm worried my nose might itch. But I have some wool blend. It's hiding somewhere.

  2. These clutches are adorable (!) and I love the bag as well!!
    Have a good week,

  3. So beautiful!!!!!
    The bag is fantastic and I love the clutches (Where did you get these purse frames?).
    Great job!!!!!

  4. I think that wool bag is ADORABLE! I made myself a wool purse from a thrifted wool blazer last year, but it's not NEARLY as cute as yours. I LOVE it.

  5. Great bag! I love that flowery lining, makes it different from all the ones found in shops. Those sunglass cases are so lovely, I'm really impressed! Where do you find all the time to make all these?! Have a good week xo

    PS: Tomorrow you can finally see the result of my sewing project ;-)

  6. Love the bag and snap purses! I too love it when it gets dark early. To me, it is cozy!!!
    Hey, how in the heck do you even know to link up to all those blogs???

  7. Love that bag Bethany!! I'd love if you used a black white polka dot for the lining, but this is really cute too (don't mind me..i'm a polka dot girl)!!! I've ordered my sew on purse frames, so I can make some coin wallets from your tut!!! woot !!! woot!!! Love the fabrics you chose for the sunglasses cases!!!
    Hope you have a great week!!!
    p.s. I can't seem to find the perfect light too for my pics...uugghhh!!! ihate that it's dark so early!!!!

  8. Love, love the snap purses. Awesome tutorial.

  9. Wow - so cute. I love it.. Found ya on hop/linky party, officially following with smiles.. Great blog you have here & I can't wait to read more.. I'm Marilyn from - hope you can stop in sometime.. :)) TY

  10. Super cute idea. I am your newest follower. Feel free to check out my site and follow me back here:



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