Thursday, September 1, 2011

Double Star Quilt Block and a Wristlet

With that title you know exactly what you're getting in this post, hahaha. First up - we have this week's quilt block for the QAL. I. Adore. This block. I think it's my favorite, for sure. It wasn't difficult to put together but there was a lot of cutting for this one. I had many of the pieces in my scrap bag I'm keeping for this whole project, so I didn't have to hack into my yardage. Enough with the chatter - here it is:

I just love the way the white pops and really showcases the pattern. No matter how careful I am I find that I keep coming up a little bit short on the more complicated blocks - perhaps I'll be investing in a quarter inch quilting foot...

NEXT! This week I've sewed up several gathered wristlets. They're pretty easy to put together, but it takes me a bit of time to arrange the gathers just right because I'm OCD about that stuff. I embellished a few of them, too, and it ups the cuteness. The first two I made I don't have pictures of because I sold them like whoosh! One I'm not thrilled with and I don't think I want to show you since it's just NOT good. But I made this one last night for someone and I love it (and so did she):

Aren't the colors perfect for fall? I bought a fat quarter bundle of these and it's almost gone. I guess they're popular since there weren't any left when I went back for more. The ruffly band is slightly crooked, so I'm hoping my yo-yo distracts from that a bit.No matter what I do I can never get the stinkin' ruffle perfectly straight. Oh, well. I didn't want to part with the button on that yo-yo, but it was so perfect for this (it's actually a little browner than the photo shows):

I've got a few ideas for a couple more - I'm going to play with different ruffle layouts so I don't have to worry about it being straight or not. Plus I'm getting a kick out of the little embellishments I've been putting on them (I really wish I had pictures of the others - I'm kicking myself I didn't take them right away).

It's a nice long weekend coming up, and I'm excited. I'm going to clear the dining room table and do nothing but finish my Sherbet Pips quilt. I yelled at myself last night that I can't do another thing until I stitch this baby together. The fabric has only been out since spring and everyone else already  blogged about it but I've always been a late bloomer so this is just about right...

Happy Friday! See you on the flip side!


  1. LOVE the bag!! I love to make little zipper bags too!! Your new header is darling!

  2. First things first!!! I love your "back to school" new header!!! The block turned out amazing!! I do have the same problem with the 1/4'' sewing too:( That gathered wristlet is just amazing, and I love all your little details!!!
    Hope you have a great QUILTING weekend :)

  3. Love that block, it came out great. A tip I just learned about getting scant 1/4" seams is to move your needle one step to the right on your machine, so you can use your normal foot/seam guide, and it makes it scant for you. I've been doing this on my current quilt blocks, and it seems to be working a treat :o)

    The wristlets are cute too, and if you think YOU'RE out of the loop getting to the Sherbet Pips, I just picked up my first 2 pieces yesterday lol I had the grand choice of 3 fabrics from that line, as my local fabric store just has a small section for quilting, only a fraction of which are recognisable 'name brand', it's mainly a home decor and dress-making fabric shop, and that was all they had. We're so up to date in the UK ;o)

  4. I agree. This is your best block to date. You put the red at the perfect position. Your wristlet looks expensive. I guess something to do with the fall colour. I'm not affected by the seasons so my colours are whatever I like. I would like for a year to experience the different seasons thru' the colours I choose for my bags. I've never attempted ruffles. I keep saying I will but I never do. Sherbet Pips are cute. I don't own any as the shops here don't stock them. We have more Japanese fabric than American ones.

  5. You amaze me!! Everything is so pretty!

  6. Aw! Your new header is so brilliant - I love it! That little bag looks beautiful and you are of course right about the Autumn colours, even though I'm not (as I keep telling everybody) ready yet for Autumn ;-) So that's called a wristlet? Looks like I've just learned something new. BTW, If you hadn't pointed out to everybody that the ruffle isn't straight, nobody would have noticed, derrr! ;-) xo



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