Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cactus Flower

You know what's deceiving? Y seams. They're all "Oh, you just don't sew to the edge, and we fit together like PB and J." Psh. Please, y seams. You lie. This week's quilt block was called 'Cactus Flower' and used y-seams to put most of it together. I looked up a few tutorials and was feeling quite confident about the whole thing. I carefully cut and marked my pieces, and it all went together ok, no major issues or anything. But I ended up with the flowery part being a little off. The overall block is pretty (though there might be a touch too much red to it), and I am quite proud of it for a first shot at a totally new skill.

Even though I didn't use green for the leaves and stem I still think it looks quite pretty. My points got a little munched, but that's old news by now. I stitched the entire center part together before I pressed anything. I was slightly nervous it wouldn't press flat, but it did. That was a happy surprise--I thought I was going to be in a rage and hunting for the spray starch but no, it was good enough.

The triangles are a little uneven, and the square isn't a square, but when you look at the whole block it's not crazy obvious.

You know what, though? Now that I'm looking at this picture it doesn't look like the off-shapes are quite so off, but almost meant to be that way. So really the only problem is the munched points. It's all in how you spin it :)

I actually really like it. I don't know if I would do a whole quilt of this block as it was a little too slow for my taste, but it would make a pretty pillow or table runner.

Other than this block I feel like I've been chained to my machine sewing new cushion covers for some of the chairs on the porch. I'm not complaining--they were what my mom wanted for her birthday. Two months ago. Good thing the weather has been too chilly to sit outside, and that my mumsy is made of patience. I'm almost all done, but after working with red-toned fabrics for the past week I think I need some more color...must search the project box to see what I can find.

Back soon! Happy Friday!


  1. Love!Love!Love!Love! Beth! it's just darling! If you hadn't pointed out the muched points I wouldn't have noticed it! I just love that it's all red! AMAZING!!
    Have fun with your new project! you do indeed need a change of colors!

  2. It's really pretty. I love it. Are these photos taken with your new camera?

  3. it looks great to me , i have never tried so you are way ahead of me

  4. Pretty. I hate and loathe Y-seams lol



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