Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Persistence Blanket

This week I completely finished the blankie I was knitting for the soon-to-be nephew. My grandma crocheted him a stunning blanket, but I wanted to make him one that my sister wouldn't mind if it got snotty or dirty or fell apart. Those things you get from grandma are the kinds of things you want to last, so I wanted to give her an every-day option.

A little background first---I love to crochet. I find it so much more soothing than knitting, especially something like a blanket, because I don't have to be paranoid about dropping a stitch and figuring that whole business out (foreshadowing, anyone?). I went with a simple v-stitch that I've done a few times before and always had success with. I kept going and going, admiring the look of the yarn and the stitches. I checked until I had a square and then finished off and held it up. I thought "NO way!" and laid it on the table and smoothed it out. Then I listened to the crickets chirp as I stared and stared. I had created a shape that was not a square, but was not anything else, and was certainly not good-looking. I tried and tried to figure out what I did, but to no avail. There was no way I was giving her the blanket THAT way so I ripped and ripped and rewound the yarn. And started over.

I decided to go with a very simple knit pattern. It's actually almost exactly the same as the knit dishcloth pattern I posted, but of course waaaaaaaay larger. There are a few stitch variations I've done to this one previously, but I decided to keep this one very simple so that I could have it finished while the baby was actually still a baby. So here you go:

The colors and the way they fall remind me of sunlight hitting the water in a happy, shimmery way. 

 I'd love to know how many stitches are in this thing. I started with five, and then kept on adding up until 225, and then decreased. I'm not doing the math, but it's got to be near a trillion gazillion stitches.

 I like how the border gives it a little something beyond beyond a giant square, but isn't holey enough for little fingers and toes to get stuck in and stretch out the stitches.

You have no idea how many documentaries and episodes of The Big Bang Theory were watched while I stitched away on this.

I only hit one minor snag. I dropped a stitch and didn't notice it until I was several rows up. I was able to fix it without it being majorly visible (I can find it, but just barely). So I hope that appeases the goddess Minerva. I read somewhere that Minerva is the goddess of stitchery, and that the ancients used to throw in a mistake so as not to make Minerva angry (apparently she was the only one who was allowed to be perfect :)  It reminds me of how the Amish deliberately throw an error into their quilts so they won't be perfect--in their faith system only God can be perfect.

So, nephew-on-the-way, I hope you enjoy this. I hope you snuggle and slobber under it, and drag it behind you, and that it falls apart you use it so much.You'll be too young to know it or care, but there are a few life lessons within these stitches. If things aren't going the way you planned, find a new way. If you hit a snag, fix it the best you can and move on--don't dwell on it (your auntie is still working on this one). And persist until the end. Don't quit because it's tough, or takes longer than you thought to accomplish. Keep in mind the reason you're doing it. Doing something out of love will always keep you going. And in the end, it will be worth it.

I used TLC Yarn in Lovey, three skeins. It was the perfect amount.

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  1. I am mostly a crocheter as well, and did one of theses blankets for a local charity. Knitting is a lot slower than crocheting for me, so suffice to say, I took even longer when I got bored with the knitting. I used a blue and green combination in a discontinued yarn, but it looks very similiar to yours. Nice job!

  2. This looks great! I'm a crocheter too, but right now I'm in cro-hooking blanket madness as everyone I know seems to be having babies!! I'd love if you came to check it out!

    #1 & 2
    #4 I haven't posted yet, and I'm onto #5... and after that I'm going to make one more just to have on hand!!! lol

  3. It is lovely! He will love it and so will Mommy!! A labor of love!!!

  4. Ooooh wow!! I feel the same way, I am a crocheter too! It always feels like crochet is so much faster and much more 'fool proof' than knitting. You have one talented nan btw (tell her I said that: 'Nan, one of the internet weirdos who follows my blog thinks you're one talented bird' ahem yeah). The blanket is absolutely gorgious. No babies in my direct circle of relatives to make a blanket for sadly!
    Have a great week,

  5. Yes, the ONLY reason I can't knit is because I don't know how to fix dropped stitch and not because I'm not coordinated. I'm pretty sure your neph will enjoy the blankie.

  6. Pretty colours! Hope he enjoys rolling around and snuggling in it

  7. Very pretty and I'm sure it will be used well. LOLL
    I'm a crocheter too but when my now grown kids were about to be born I made a white knitted blanket. I started it for my first and got it ready for my second. LOLLL I still have it and looks perfect after 23 years.

  8. Very nice :) I know only very basic knitting. I'm much more comfortable crocheting.

    Here's my Commercial Break:


  9. Wow! I love the subtle colors of it. It looks like the sea! So pretty, Bethany. thanks for sharing, girl! have a fab weekend!


  10. Beautiful baby blanket! I love the colours!



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