Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Camera Details

Some of you asked (because I'm absent-minded and didn't tell you) what kind of camera my new camera is. Sorry about leaving out that detail - if it was me I'd be shaking my computer yelling "WHAT KIND IS IT??? YOU FORGOT TO TELL US WHAT KIND IT IS!!!!" Or something slightly less dramatic.

Anyhoodle, it's a Canon Powershot SX40HS. I have a Powershot ELPH...thingee...kind, and it's a great camera if you want something easy and basic. Because this one is a Canon as well the mechanics and schematics and logistics are very similar, with a few extra features I still have to learn about. But even on auto it's a great camera and thus far I am very happy with it. I'm not the free spender type, and I think and think and research and think until I drive myself crazy to make sure I'm not cheating myself by paying too much or not getting what I really want. I don't know that I would have bought this as just the camera, but I got a bundle that included an extra battery, a travel charger, cleaning stuff, a case, the memory card, and a few other little bits for less than the camera price so I really felt it was worth it (woo-hoo Amazon!).

Here are a few indoor shots taken in the late afternoon, just because:


Here are some outside at night--the one with all the orbs was taken with the flash on, so it actually took a very accurate photo with the flash off, set on auto.

And just because he's cute--

OH! And here's a setting called 'poster mode.' There's also toy camera mode and a few other fun settings in there. I found them by accident so I'll have to search for them again. There really is quite a bit this thing can do.

This was taken at night in the living room with lamplight. The lampshades are darker and so cast more of a yellowish light than a white light. But really? Charlie's cute in any mode and any light, right?

Hope these details helped out a little bit. I finished every aspect of the blankie I was working on except giving it a wash and fluff--hopefully I'll have pictures for you soon :)


  1. Well, when I am in the market for a new camera, I will look at that one!!!! Awesome camera!!!

  2. Aww look at your baby boy. :) Is that his "I'm thinking about life" look (5th photo)? :)

  3. I like the second picture a lot :-) What I've learned from working with photographers: if you don't have the talent, it doesn't matter how fancy your camera is!

  4. Ah, well the lampshades aren't really to blame for the yellow in the last one, it's all to do with where the light from lightbulbs fall on the visible spectrum, and dependent on the type of bulb they either cast a yellow tinted or blue tinted light. Flourescent bulbs are blue tinted, and phosphorous ones are yellow tinted. Bet you coudln't have lived another day without knowing that one ;o) To fix it, you need to find your white balance settings, and change it from auto to the type of artificial light you're in. Or just have everyone with a mild case of jaundice/biliousness... ;o)

  5. I've been after a camera for some time now and with all the choices around it's given me a headache. A couple of days one was recommended to me and what do you know, it the exact one that you have. After seeing your photos I am definitely getting one. Thanks, this came just at the right time. Your photos are awesome.



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