Sunday, September 16, 2012

A "Whoosh!" Weekend

I'm all for converting the work week to two days and the weekend to five days. Then the good times could roll double the current amount. Especially weekends like this one. I feel like so very much happened but really it was kind of ordinary.

Friday night I was sitting on the porch with my mother, when she commented on the "pretty sky." I ran for my camera, took a shot, looked down to adjust the settings, and when I looked up--gone. The sun had lowered just enough in about three seconds to make the sky look ordinary again. But for a brief moment it looked like this:

Saturday morning I was checking my email when I saw one entitled "September is National Sewing Month!" It was a Joann's ad, and I needed a good bit of what was on sale (plus I had a twenty percent off everything coupon) so off I went. After what seemed like endless hours pondering and matching and thinking I went to the cutting table. When I was finished the girl behind me (I categorize everyone as a girl, even when they are unmistakably in adult form) asked if I made handbags. I could feel my face going "Yes, how could you know that? GASP! Maybe she's read my blog! Wouldn't that be funny? That's probably not it..." But my mouth went "Yeesssss" in this suspicion-laden way (at least that's how it sounded to me). And then we chatted for a few about how she makes bags as well, but hers are felted wool (which I've always been too scared to try but the results are pretty nifty looking). I had ONE business card on me (serendipitous, I say!) and so we traded. I got home and looked up her shop and her blog. I've never met a kindredly-spirited person before (I usually meet people who have to patch something or whose kid has Home Ec and needs flannel and couldn't care less about sewing, etc.) so it was kind of neat. Her mom (I think it was her mom) had asked me during one of my back-and-forths around the store "Where do you keep your burlap?" I told her "Oh, I don't work here...but the burlap is right over there..." Maybe I shouldn't go there so often. Not only do I load my cart so I look like a worker restocking bolts, but I actually could be that employee, I know it all so well.

Saturday afternoon/evening/night I plucked my Christmas fabrics off the shelf and made Christmas stockings (please don't throw heavy things in my direction--I know it's not even fall yet!). My plan is to have these (and a few other Christmassy bits) in my shop, priced affordably, by October. I also spent some time working on my granny square afghan (pics to come). Then I threw in some cleaning and organizing of my sewing nook, and now I feel quite motivated to put Lola to work. I'm hoping to churn out a few bags this week. One of them is for me so that should be the kick in the pants I need.

And then today was a bit ceremonious.

A certain little squirmer had some water poured on his head :)

How adorable is that little hat that came with his outfit? He was terribly miserable in it, but oh so cute!!! It was giant on his noggin, as they sent a size larger than what my sister ordered and it was too late to exchange it. He was so well-behaved during the ceremony. Until he realized he was probably starving to death. Or tired. Because as soon as the BIL gave him his bottle he got droopy-eyed:

He kept making faces at us that seemed to say "Guys. Come on. I look ridiculous. Get this off." I knew how he felt. I had to wear clothes I'd normally wear to work and I couldn't wait to get back into my jeans. These looked kind of comfy, though:

If I ever reach the end of my to-do list, which keeps growing and growing and growing, I might feel inspired to make a quilt that looks like this:

Honestly, though, I'll probably pin a few pictures of quilts that other people have made with a stained glass effect and call it a day. 

Quite a full weekend, mostly ho-hum, but quite satisfying as well. Kind of perfect, actually. I'd like a do-over. But I'd like to get up earlier during the do-over so I could enjoy more of it. Back soon!


  1. Ooh, nice weekend! I am the last one to throw stones about picking Christmas fabrics. I am working on my first quilt project (yes, applause please) and it's going to be a Christmas pillow. Oh dear...

  2. I'm right there with you on the week day/weekend thing, I think we need to start an international campaign...

    I also had a busy weekend, but with very little sleep last night and I may nod off at my desk shortly...

  3. That is the cutest milk-drinking baby EVER!



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