Wednesday, September 26, 2012


You folks leave me so many wonderful comments. When I'm all "Waaahhh" about something you're all "There, there." When I'm all "Guys, I think this is a major fail" you're all "No! I love it!" A well-timed, well-worded comment truly brings a smile to my face. And then there are the comments that don't get published (yeah, I exercise control over that). But in the interest of total honesty I thought I'd share a few with you, just so you can see what I get to ponder behind the scenes. You're welcome :)

Wow! Two hours of surfing and you found nothing better than the post where I ask for prayers and/or money? Clearly you're doing something wrong...

Four hours? Wow. Ask the guy up there for help and you can cut your browsing inefficiency in half.

Nothing much to this comment. Until you read their webpage. I do have an annoying co-worker this might work on, bwahahahahaha.

Awww, genuinely fastidious. Of course.

Really? Fastidious used twice? Eyes on your own papers, people!

 I always watch out for brussels, too. As in the sprouts. Blech.

You hear those crickets chirping too, right?

Just keepin' it real, yo.


  1. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one getting spam like this and I've been getting a LOT of it lately... at least you know I'm not a spammer... or am I? (j/k)

  2. LOL.....It's like the phone calls that constantly come at our house.....ugh!!

  3. Oh my... we have the same people looking at our blogs. Last week I had a TON of comments exactly like these!! Now I don't feel special anymore ;-)

  4. Those last 2 are my favourite ;o) If you disable anonymous comments though, you won't get spam...

  5. You left out the ones which looked like someone slammed their palms on the keyboard. Didn't know we share the same passionate readers.

  6. LOLLLL Well I sure hope they don't come my way. I've only had a couple in the last 10 months.

  7. Mine got so bad I had to put on Comment Moderation, which I dislike but I really couldn't allow my little friends to read some of those *really bad words* that were starting to show up. Really. Bad. Just glad I'm not the only one, let's form a club.



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