Saturday, December 29, 2012

How's tricks?

Hi, gang! How was your holiday? Ours was verrrrry quiet, which was fine as on Christmas Eve I started feeling stuffy, and could have slept through Christmas if it wasn't for the hollers of "Aunt Bee! Get out of bed!" But after copious amounts of tea and a dash of Nyquil I felt much better. We had a nice post-holiday dinner and went to my sister's house for a visit (like we don't see her all the time anyway, but it's nice to get out). I've managed to sew 2 full rows of my hexies together (only 7 left and then just the filling in and the top will be finished! Woot!). I've read a lot, played video games with Zach (he got a game called Guilty Party which is quite fun and I may have finished it myself...if I knew how the Wii worked, that is). There has been much lazing about, and I can't believe I'm going to say this but I'm ready to get back to normal. Which means work. I function better when I'm busy than when I have nothing to do.

Here are a few things from today:

Alicia wants a very specific infinity scarf. I've got the stitching on the scarf done. Now she needs to see if it's the right size and tell me how to finish it and that'll be off the list. 

 I trotted off to Michael's to score some post-holiday deals for a winter wreath idea that's been rolling around my brain. All of this together cost less than what a regular styrofoam wreath form would cost. Win!

I love Christmas baubles, and these adorable chocolates are calling to me. But they're huge! I don't know if they're solid or filled but I'll be finding out :)

 We got a touch of snow today that's already turned rainy. Once again my desire to see how my car handles in the snow has been foiled!

Snow = soup in these here parts, and this one is smelling delicious already!

So that's that. Just a few more days until I'm back at work saying things like "I could really use a day off!"


  1. Oh, I am soooo ready to get back to normal as well. Not that I know what normal is, since I am starting up my own business. Eek!! Anyhoooos... that soup looks good! And I am curious about your hexagon quilt.
    Happy 2013!!

  2. Hmm, depends on whether BMW put rear-wheel drive in the mini, in which case the answer will be 'crap', all the beemer owners I know hate it when it snows (the Germans really ought to know better!)

    Yay for post Christmas bargains though, and looking forward to seeing your upcoming finishes!

  3. There is nothing more pleasant in Christmas than watching the snow outside the window and making a hot soup. By the way I have the same Mini. You have a good taste.
    Gregory from app promoting blog



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