Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hi, kids. How's tricks? It's been quite busy in these here parts, from just before Thanksgiving until just now. Here's a rundown: prepped for TG dinner for 26 (OK, HELPED prep); had TG dinner; hauled all the Christmas decor down out of the attic (OK, HELPED haul, and by helped I mean Zach and my brother and dad got it all downstairs and I sorted it by room once it was down), went Black Friday shopping on Friday night, cleaned my new handbag because Aiden threw up all over it, decorated for Christmas, went to a beef and beer fundraiser where I drank too much which I never ever do, paid for it the next day, slooowly finished decorating (due to the previous evening's indiscretions), went back to work, went to a wake, played quizzo, replaced almost my whole dang wardrobe because my clothes have gotten kind of shoddy, did some more shopping, threw in some crochet, cleaned up my fabric stash, got spit up on by Aiden, played piano with Zach, cursed my computer for being a jerk, got it working again and apologized, and now here we are. Phew.

I don't have any official orders to work on, just a few last-minute gifts in the works. I've got a pile of felt and embroidery floss waiting to be Christmasized, my hexie project box pouting because it's been neglected for a million billion years, and some yarn to make into a scarf for my sister once we decide on the stitch. Nice, easy, cozy, couch-sitting crafting. My favorite. Especially when the Christmas lights are on, the movies are playing, and all seems right with the world.

We have Christmas on every surface of the house, it seems, and much of it I've blogged about before. So here are just a few snaps I thought were pretty.

When Zach was maybe two he came into the house for his first visit after the decorations were up. He would stop and look at everything, and just say "Yight-ssssss." Over and over. It was so sweet, his little face all lit up. Aiden's face lit up the same way, but he tried to eat the lights which was slightly less endearing.

I don't know anyone who'd be selling fresh flowers in the snow but I'd love it if they would--I must move to this Christmas village we have in the dining room.

Though I'm not fond of the antiques in this particular shop I am fond of the tiny details of these pieces.

The church has always been my favorite piece.
The mantle was the first thing done. The whole house could be made of candy canes and gingerbread, but if the mantle isn't decorated it's not really Christmas.

Pretty garland in a jar. I didn't know what else to do with it. Out of all the work we put into the decorations this is the thing Zach decided he liked best.

So that's what's been going on around here. Unbelievable that I must now trot to bed to get back to work tomorrow. At least I have some snazzy new duds to sport :)


  1. Oh Yight-ssss - somebody threw up over your handbag?! Eugh... Anyway, love all those shots - so warm and christmas-y and that flower shop is so cute! Hope you're feeling better now, though it was self-inflicted, so not too much sympathy from me ;-) Have a great week xo

  2. Whew, bet you slept well after all that! Puke on the handbag though, soooo not cool little man!

  3. SHRINK ME! SHRINK ME! I want to sell mini flowers!



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