Sunday, December 30, 2012

Photo Recap

This last week of the year I've been quiet and moody. I always get this way during this particular week. I do a lot of not-much types of activities that equate to a lot of sitting and a lot of eating, and it's usually when I get hit with something coldish and sinusy. I am eager for the turnaround that a return to normalcy will bring.

I was thinking that I haven't made much stuff this year. I thought I would make a quick photo mosaic to capture it. Turns out I've made so much more than I recalled that it was not a "quick" mosaic at all. Add in a few other photo memories and it was two cups of tea worth of time :)


I have a few unfinished items to finish--the hexie project, and a quilt top that was pin-basted this morning and will be stitched this week. There are a few things I never got to and a few things that never made it to the blog (they would have been maddeningly repetitious--for both of us). I am looking forward to new year of creating and sharing--I owe you a tutorial, and I've got a few other patterns I've bought that I'm eager to try. I really want to get my shop nice and stocked, and I'm thinking once again about doing a craft market. I should go do something productive before I overwhelm myself into inactivity (again). See ya later!


  1. You've had a fab year there, hope 2013 is just as good for you! I've been cleaning, and buying/building new furniture from Ikea, that's my usual task at this time of year, helps get through the 'what-to-dos'!

  2. Mahalo for sharing your photo journey - sure brought smiles to my face and heart! And you reminded me to take more pictures this coming year! Please be kind to yourself and never doubt how much we value you!

  3. soooo many purses!!! what a fun way to show your productivity :) hope the new year brings you a fresh mood!! :)

  4. OMG!!! I love the purses, you seem to have done alot and everything looks great.

  5. Wowie, you were productive this year!!!
    xo Kris

  6. It's amazing to look back and realize just how much you've done in a year, isn't it? Good job there! =)



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