Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Few for Friday - #37

I had a lazy, low-key sort of week. Sometimes you need those, y'know? I crocheted a little bit (my yarn order isn't here yet so I've been making pot scrubbers as my shop is sold out of them), read a lot, and played Candy Crush. I am ten levels away from reaching the end of the mobile version. That's probably a good thing. I play that game entirely too much. I literally have to give my phone to someone and tell them not to let me have it back until I've reached whatever goal I've set for the evening. It works, LOL. Anyway, here are some photos :)

The church down the street held a flea market over the weekend. I scored this box of old glass Christmas baubles and a cricket. The cricket was in the box. I don't know when he jumped out of it but he wasn't there when I emptied the box to clean these up. I should have asked for a partial refund.

 Z started sixth grade this week. Sixth. Grade. Junior high!!!! Ugh. Sixth grade was the worst year of my life (true story) so I found myself projecting that towards him, thinking it was going to be terrible. I was on edge all week waiting to hear all about it from him. He loves it. Phew.

 First project of the year already. His science teacher has a doctoral degree. That class should be interesting.

I also sewed a handbag the other night. It came together much more quickly than I thought, and I love it even though it's not very moi. I'll show you that next. And in case you missed it, I have a giveaway happening over here. Now go and have a careful Friday. It is the 13th, after all.


  1. Hi kiddo. Catching up today. Love the Christmas baubles! Love that your nephew is in 6th now and loves it! LOVED the granny stripe! LOVED the book review! Must read.
    xo Kris

  2. You totally need a refund on that cricket, they've probably got him trained to con people...

  3. O my all those cute vintage ornaments I would have taken 2 crickets.. What a great find.
    Blessing to you.



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