Saturday, March 1, 2014

Durathon Iron Giveaway Winner!

Did you all wake up this morning, leap out of bed, and run to your computer to see if you were the winner of a Hamilton Beach Durathon iron? Whadya mean "Absolutely not!?" Pfft. Liars. Anyway, I've got a busy day with the nephews ahead so I wanted to get this posted before I absolutely forget. OK, so this delightful little appliance is what was up for grabs:

I knocked on the door of Mr. Random Number Generator and asked for a favor. I told him "Word on the street is that you can give me a random number between 1 and 27." And he said "Ten. But don't tell anybody where ya heard that."

That would be this comment:

Congrats! You've got a nice iron headed your way! For those of you interested in purchasing a new iron, the Hamilton Beach Durathon iron is indeed for sale. My own personal experience with this iron has been very positive, and I am still enjoying a fine romance with it. If anything changes with that, I would be sure to let you all know, as if I'm going to recommend a product for its wonderfulness I feel I should let you know if the situation heads south (as can happen with any product).

Now, I am off to get ready for the day. It's one of those days where you feel you have to run any errands and do any outdoor activities, as tomorrow we are supposed to receive another major snowstorm, going into Monday. For anyone not keeping count (why would you, really?), this is our 15th storm of the season, which averages out to more than one a week since it all started back at the beginning of December. And it's still not the snowiest on record. I'm hoping for a snow day on Monday as I have a handful of projects in mind to make as a gift, and my afghan is zooming along so nicely I want to drop everything and hook. We shall see.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I wasn't hanging out for an iron (not being in the US, so therefore not having entered ;o) ) but I am hanging out for a no-rain day. Well over 700 mm and counting since 1st December :o(



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