Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Second Needles

Have you darlings seen this? Someone at work was telling me about it and graciously sent me the link. I don't do much hand sewing as we don't get along, but for those who do quick sewing jobs (buttons, hems, etc.) or (GASP!!) hand quilting, this might be a nifty little gadget (especially if you're like my mom who's been known to say "If someone threads the needle for me...").


  1. Too funny, and it took how many years to invent that needle? I need to buy some of those, asap!.
    I was polishing my toes the other day and thought, I used to be able to see a lot cleaner than this. lol

  2. I mean clearer, not cleaner! SEE I CAN'T SEE!

  3. Boy do my 50 year old eyes need some of those!!! I crack up at your comments on my blog!!!!
    : )



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