Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Love Sugar. And I Love Pink. Perfect.

I came across the most delightful shop today, and I felt it needed to be shared. Usually I don't do things like this--I'm more of a "Hey, this is cute. So is this." kind of blogger, pulling things from here and there that I want people to buy me. But this shop is so yum I had to give it a whole post.

Let's start with the shop header:

The name itself had me at hello. Then I started browsing. And I'm pretty sure there will be some sort of funds transfer in my near future :)  Here are some things I am smitten with (the pictures are links--click to be swept away):

 Pretty swirly pastel lights. They look good enough to eat. There are all different themes and colors available. I want them for Christmas, Valentines Day, and Halloween. And some for every day :)

These light bulbs are unscented, but I can smell cotton candy through my screen. 

 I. Love. These vintage berry beads. They're available in all kinds of colors but I like the Christmas ones best--these could make the mostest adorablest garland.

 Isn't this leaf trim amazing? It looks real!!

A nice twist on the traditional streamers is festooning garland. And admit it--festooning something sounds like wicked amounts of fun.

Yes, please!!!!

My brain is doing twirlies with thoughts of what I could make for Christmas with glass glitter.

I'll stop now, even though I'm tempted to keep clicking and pasting. Go kill some time now instead of doing the things you're supposed to be doing :)


  1. Ohhh these cotton candy bulbs and the berry beads look yummy!!!:) They are all sssooo sweet:)!!
    Have a great day:)

  2. I'm in love. Is it wrong that I want to move into this shop? Thanks for finding it!

  3. I came across your beautiful blog and saw a wonderful post on my shop! I want to thank you so much for featuring my shop! I had just opened a month before this post and I really appreciate you getting the word out I am most grateful! Thank you for all of your kind words and I am thrilled you like my shop! I hope you have a blessed weekend, Jennifer



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