Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Tuesday and It's Random

Hi. I don't have anything crafty to show you right now. I sewed up my Bliss quilt top this evening but no picture yet. I'm deciding how I want to quilt it. Should I do my tried and true basic grid? Should I use a stencil? Should I learn free motion quilting on such yummy fabric when I've never tried it before? So many options. When we get a sunny day I'll take a pic and maybe you'll have some ideas... Right now it's tucked out of the way because Charlie thinks it's something for him to lay on and walk over. Silly dog.

I found some things today that were so cute they gave me pains...

So yeah, it's the cutest tea-for-two set ever, because this is how it all fits together:

And I don't know why but the words on this fabric crack me up:

"His fromage omelette has the taste of his mom's cooking....the fresh-baked bread made by Cotty is a good smell...special ice is made with milk and is particularly delicious."

Lisa at u-handbag just put these bobbled frames up in her shop.

Photo from here.

I have some adorable cherry fabric in my stash....and those red bobbles look like cherries...and I am a big enough geek to pair the two...and I need to order some snap frames which she carries...so why wouldn't I just get both? Right? Right?

I have no words for this:

Photo from here.

Bye for now!


  1. I can't wait to see your Bliss quilt top! Go for the free motion quilting. It is fun, and the only way to get better is to practice. What better way to practice, than on your own projects! What kind of machine do you use? Do your feed dogs drop? DO it!!! Like Nike says....Just Do It!!

  2. I love the bobbled frames! Can't get those in my country tho'. I'm making a few purses with metal frames soon. I bought a few of the metal frames recently and am rather shocked by how pricey they are.

  3. That machine is amazing..I'd love one of those..well mine in those colours!

  4. I did free-motion quilting on my very first quilt, and it turned out great! You CAN do it!

  5. AWWW YES! I WANT THAT SEWING MACHINE! And a pic of your cherry fabric bag - geek! :-D BTW: tomorrows pics on my blog will be the ultimate "WTF?!", you'll see ;-) Have a good evening/night/whatever the time is where you are. xo

  6. Love the Tea Pot.. I featured your find on the Glitter Spotlight :)

  7. Hmm how to acquire those teapots...Hmmm...



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